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159 re-run

Hi all . Does anyone know what is happening re the 159 re-run . Any info would be gratefully recieved

My bus number (if any): none yet!

Re: 159 re-run

Hi Jim

The 159 run will be on Saturday 9th December departing from the Ace Cafe at 12 noon.

Buses will once again be gathering from 10am and after the run will return to the Ace Cafe before heading off again for the Christmas Lights Tour after dark.

We are currently taking registrations from owners who wish to attend, so it looks like it will be another well attended event.

If you need any further info please let me know.

David Lee
Events Officer
Routemaster Association

Re: 159 re-run

Will your RM548 be one of the buses operating the route David?

My bus number (if any): RMs737, 875 and 1353 (Driver)

Re: 159 re-run

No not this year Graham, too busy with PH work in North Wales.