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Saloon Heater Grill

Does anyone have a spare saloon heater grill they can sell me?

Not bothered what type it is or even if the vents are missing or its a sealed one as I'm going to modify it in a new way so my heating is fan fed and removing the feature where driving the bus forward forces air through the matrix.

My bus number (if any): RMF2771

Re: Saloon Heater Grill

That seems a waste of a useable grille for someone else if it is going to be cut about. Might as well make one up from scratch exactly how you want it.

Re: Saloon Heater Grill

As Roy says best to source yourself a nice thick piece of ali and a budget lock, and fabricate what you need - if you dril holes in the top to bolt on to the existing hinges ? No need to carve up an original grill ?

My bus number (if any): RML2747

Re: Saloon Heater Grill

Might be worth asking if any RML owners have the refurbished modified cover as it is quite a simple affair bit offers a lot of scope to modify.

The two types of original are more complex and far harder to make alterations to as the louvres hold the whole thing together and keep it from distorting.

Quite a few former refurb RMLs have been refitted with their original design so there must be a few later ones knocking about. Although some were simply plated over, Some turned out to be a solid panel with folds.