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Greenline Routemaster paint codes

I've been asked about paint codes for an ex-Greenline RM.

They would like the paint codes for the interior Pillar Cappings & Roof

They think the exterior codes are Lincoln Green & Porcelain Green

Would this be correct ?

My bus number (if any): RMs 238, 471 and 2213, GS17

Re: Greenline Routemaster paint codes

Lincoln Green

Eu-de-nil for the waistband

Magnolia for the ceiling

All BS colours

My bus number (if any): RML2532

Re: Greenline Routemaster paint codes

Interior pillar cappings? They mean the plastic inserts?
The interior ceilings paint is the off white used on the later RMLs isn't it?

Best person to ask would be Rob Duker, he has just done RMC 1499.

My bus number (if any): RTL 960, RMC 1458, RM 1585 and several RTs