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RM exhaust sections

I've had a recent enquiry about the sourcing the "front pipe", meaning the exhaust down pipe section from the manifold to first flexible section.

This is identified clearly in this image from an old Truckmaster catalogue

RM Old Truckmaster catalogue exhaust sections

It is not in the current Dinex catalogue. The parts listed in the document below are easily available from your local commercial parts dealer if you quote the Dinex part number (Dinex don't like dealing direct with end users). In my experience they arrive next day except, on one occasion, when there was no stock and I had to wait a week for one to be made and shipped from Denmark.

RM Dinex exhaust sections

If anyone can help find the front down pipe please post here!

My bus number (if any): RMs 238, 471 and 2213, GS17

Re: RM exhaust sections

I enquired about the AEC down pipe from the manifold a couple of years ago. Dinex are no longer supplying it. At the time it was still in good enough condition to repair it. I needed a downpipe for a Cummins C engine last year. I contacted Cummins who had detals of the engine, but the downpipes were never supplied by them at the time when the vehicles were repowered. These are not available elsewhere either.

Fortunately there is a fabrication specialist locally who were able to make what was needed. Between us we decided to make the pipe in swaged sections after each bend. This to fit together so that alignment marks could be made both for angle and section length during a trial and error fitting. After the first fitting it was tacked and trialled again, following adjustments it was ready for welding. Copying the radius of the bends is the easy bit, getting them all to fit together with such a small gap to negotiate is why making it in pieces is easier.

This company primarily deals with the hot rod fraternity who need custom-made exhausts, there is presumably an equivalent near to you.

Re: RM exhaust sections

Roy Gould had an RML exhaust made up at his local exhaust centre Chris, who made it up using CAD from the pattern he supplied. They are in Ashford Kent, but probably similar in your area

I tried Dinex direct ! It's a daft system, they will not sell to bus companies even! You have to contact a dealer on their supplier list, they contact Dinex and order it, for delivery to them.
I tried Dinex in France, they told me they could supply but they also would have to get it from Denmark with at least 21 days lead time.

My bus number (if any): RTL 960, RMC 1458, RM 1585 and several RTs

Re: RM exhaust sections

Both roythebus and roy use the same supplier in Ashford. They made and fitted a complete RT system for me a couple of years ago. I took the bus there at about 0900 and got a call at 1600 saying it was ready to collect, all made and fitted for a price cheaper than Dinex dealers quote for a complete RM system.

My bus number (if any): RML2532