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Gutting RM2133

We soon will be gutting the bus for conversion into a rolling restaurant- seats, lower saloon skins, wiring, heaters(not leaking).

Just wondering if any of these items are needed enough to warrant holding on to. I don't want anything for any of it but am thinking it would be a shame for needed items to go into the bin. I don't mind giving it away for free or trade as there are a couple of small things I need like wheel nuts and a windshield wiper arm. I have the old CAV cable mechanism that I wouldn't mind replacing.

There is a PA system in there that I am sure I don't need and the speedo is going GPS

From what I understand the saloon light receptacles are hard to find- I also have a box of bulbs


My bus number (if any): RM2133

Re: Gutting RM2133

Hello Lorne

That`s a very considerate offer - more than many people have done in similar circumstances.
Any original Routemaster fittings are worth hanging onto simply because with the originally intended life expectancy of these buses it was probably never envisaged that a need for items would still be evident over fifty years from manufacture. Some of the parts you could have available might fill an urgent need for someone, other parts might come in handy one day. Problem is, you don`t want a shed full of stuff hanging around forever and the shipment cost to the UK might not result in moving the items on quickly. Which is a great shame given the probable scarcity of what you may have. Things that really shouldn`t go in the skip!

Maybe others more qualified than me can advise the best way forward in order not to lose the items to scrap. I may have the means to upload pictures onto the forum if you wanted to email any to me.

And when the conversion begins, please don`t make the mistake of putting permanent fixtures / covering over the lower deck trap doors. They need to be accessible at any time. The movement of your bus will depend on this.

Re: Gutting RM2133

Regarding Floor traps. Do not forget that there is a small trap above the fuel tank. It is impossible to access the pick up and return pipes any other way. There are also electrical wiring junction boxes under the staircase and behind the o/s bench seat. Underneath the bench seats are access traps for the rear shock absorbers. If any of these are covered up you WILL regret it.

Re: Gutting RM2133

Thanks for the input. I was not aware of the access points under the bench seats but was aware of the other access points. I don't think the seats are worth keeping but I am going to give them away on Craigslist.

It will a few weeks before we start stripping items but will keep you posted. Maybe I can ship the lot to someone who can distribute them to needed projects.

My bus number (if any): RM2133

Re: Gutting RM2133

Hi Lorne throughout history many a bus in England converted to a bar or other use has been lucky enough to be reconverted back to a bus once its new commercial role becomes redundant. Some future owner may be scratching around for all those seat frames and original fittings long disposed of -hopefully your parts will go to help someone who is restoring another Routemaster back to original somewhere ?

Regards - Graham

My bus number (if any): RML2746

Re: Gutting RM2133

I completely appreciate the challenges to restoring these beautiful old buses and that is why I am not just calling a scrap metal dealer. I would be more than happy to have it all go to restoration projects that is why I am posting in advance of the commencement of the teardown, unfortunately I do not have storage available.

PS- The bulbs are spoken for

My bus number (if any): RM2133

Re: Gutting RM2133

It probably won`t look like this when you take the cushions out! But under the inevitable dirt, this is what is there!
And lurking in some of the slightly inaccessible places are probably a few London Transport bus tickets - albeit very faded.