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Oil Filter?

Does anyone know/able to confirm if the Oil Filter for the AV590 and AV690 were the same?

My bus had a AV760 fitted a couple of years ago and I'm now at a point for changing the filter and oil and I'm not sure what its got in it currently filter wise.

I'm pretty sure it got the filter housing from the donor AV690 on it?
Is there any markings to look for on the filter housing I can use to check and where about should i look for them?

My bus number (if any): RMF2771

Re: Oil Filter?

AEC automotive engines all use the same two oil filters either a spin-on canister or an element. The only engines which are different are the V8 and the (T)L12.

Re: Oil Filter?

I'm fairy certain that the LF4017 filter is suitable for AV690 as well as AV590.

Incidentally the filter in the AV590 in my Regent V is LF4003 just to add to the confusion!

My bus number (if any): RM1699, RF315, Eastbourne Regent V KHC369, and Regent III AHC442

Re: Oil Filter?

Virtually all post war AEC engines use either

LF 4003 transfers to AEC/Multipart part no ABU 8053 which is a cartridge
LF 4017 transfers to AEC/Multipart part no ABU 8535 which is a canister
Various other Fleetguard canisters will fit and/or are stocked by some suppliers.

Except for:

AEC V8 740 800 801
2x LF 598 AEC part no. ABU 8547 cartridge

AEC TL12 L12
2x LF 3357 AEC part no. ABU 8050 cartridge

Most Leyland engines use
LF 4005 Leyland Part no. 10617959 cartridge

Some early 600 engines use
LF 4096 Leyland part no. 317188 cartridge

Re: Oil Filter?

Thanks for the comprehensive response Roy.

I was hoping to get to my bus today to have proper look at the filter but I've got called into work (something about cold wet stuff stopping my colleagues who live closer; from getting in). I will (hopefully) get up at the weekend to check before ordering.

My bus number (if any): RMF2771

Re: Oil Filter?

Rm 742 has the LF4017 fitted if that helps


My bus number (if any): Rm742 Rml2391