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Valuation of Routemaster registrations

I think it's generally accepted that VLT/WLT/CLT & DYE registrations are worth around the £3,000 mark, but I was always wondering, being the former owner of a CUV-C-reg Routemaster, how much the ALD/ALM-B, CUV-C/JJD-D/NML-E & SMK-Fs are worth? I would imagine no more than half, possibly even LESS as I've only ever known two ALM-Bs, 2051 and ex-Kelvin 2081 to have had their registrations sold off. Indeed when Kelvin/Strathtay Scottish and Stagecoach were selling off the VLT/WLT/CLT/DYE registrations on their buses back in the 1980s, only their ALD/ALM-B & CUV-Cs retained their regs.

Can anyone enlighten me?

My bus number (if any): RMs737, 875 and 1353 (Driver)