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Iveco Injection Pump

Hi All,

Can anyone recommend or point me in the direction of a diesel specialist that can overhaul the Fiat Bosch Injection pump,

I have taken the pump to two different companies so far but neither are able to help, a partial response from one of the companies below...

"Whilst it is fundamentally a Bosch P series pump it was made under licence by a Fiat offshoot,
Unfortunately, there are no records of the matching or cross-referenced Bosch part numbers available"

I understand that the RM Iveco pumps have been modified - detuned to coincide with reducing the engines output power,
but surely this is simply a reduction in the fuel delivery and blocking off the boost valve as part of the turbo removal,

Or am I missing something here and it is a special pump built purely for the RM conversion?

Any info greatly appreciated,


My bus number (if any): RM Fleet Engineer

Re: Iveco Injection Pump

North, South, East, West, Muckle Flugga? What part of the country? I can rattle off plenty of FIE specialists.

Re: Iveco Injection Pump

Well, I'm based in London, the bus is currently operating in Edinburgh, the owners have a spare pump to hand which they want to be overhauled,

It doesn't matter where the refurb company is located, we will send the pump up, down, sideways, or anywhere else that's required...

My bus number (if any): RM Fleet Engineer

Re: Iveco Injection Pump

Apologies for the delay I have been too busy to double check. Having rung through, 1st Diesel Injection in Thornton Heath London can help you. 0208 6891806 ask for Dave or if busy Peter.

Re: Iveco Injection Pump

No problem Roy, that is extremely helpful, thank you so much,

My bus number (if any): RM Fleet Engineer