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AEC Injector Sleeves

Hello, all the injector sleeves on our AEC 690 have failed and need replacing. I understand they are the same as fitted to a 590. We have been looking high and low for replacements. We can order some to be re-manufactured however we still need one for measurements for the re-productions and the engineers can't get the old ones out in one piece. Does anyone have any spares, even if its just the one, or know of anyone that can produce new. We have already contacted Seb at Historic Vehicle Restoration and the Routemaster Association to mention a few.

Kind regards

My bus number (if any): RM1871

Re: AEC Injector Sleeves

We've had the same problem up here recently, with several Leyland 600 engine injector sleeves leaking coolant into the oil. In the absence of any available spares, we are about to order a batch from a local engineering company.

Getting the old ones out is generally easy enough though (tap a BSP pipe fitting thread into them, and yank them out with a male pipe fitting welded to the end of a slide hammer).

We think the issue is due to "galvanitic" corrosion between dissimilar metals and are getting a bit concerned that sixty year old cylinder heads are going to develop this issue more and more in the near future.

If anyone has any Leyland 600 / 680 injector sleeves on the shelf then I'd be really grateful to know if you have any surplus ones for sale? Thanks folks!

My bus number (if any): Several, but no RM's as yet!

Re: AEC Injector Sleeves

The problem comes, just like it does with AEC wet liners, in getting the new ones to seal. Once they start leaking unless the engine has been run scrupulously on 50% antifreeze and corrosion inhibitor, then the iron casting will have corroded badly.