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Front Shock Absorbers

I have been informed that Routemaster front shock absorbers, as manufactured exclusively by SV Shocks in Finland ( are available in the UK from Davy Engineering.

The reference part number is 895000. These are presently stocked by Davy Engineering
tel 0121 711 4060, e-mail

My bus number (if any): RMs 238, 471 and 2213

Re: Front Shock Absorbers

The online catalogue for SV-Shocks says they make the rear shock absorbers too Chris - I wonder if Davy do those too?

My bus number (if any): RML2302

Re: Front Shock Absorbers

Davy used to be the source of standard king pins,then they stopped doing the standards and only stocked 2nds for some reason!

My bus number (if any): RTL 960, RMC 1458, RM 1585 and several RTs

Re: Front Shock Absorbers

When installing a RM front shock absorber assembly there are two workshop practices to be aware of that are not mentioned in any of the Maintenance bulletins or the Walkers manual.

The fixing trunnions also known as saddles are handed when manufactured or re-machined to the base plate,so they are therefore numbered No1 and No2 respectfully when fitted. The numeral markings are either cast or indent.

Also worth noting when tightening these saddles against the base plate the practice is to leave a small gap of approximately 0.015"thousands of an inch so as not to overtighten and allow slight movement of the trunnion.

When the complete assembly with it's weight (56lbs plus)has been lowered to the floor and before any dismemberment takes place, observe the position of the cast top plate securing the old shock absorber to the spring. It will be noted that the plates two securing anchor bolt holes are off set in relation to the central spigot mounting with the rubber discs.

My bus number (if any): Ex LT Bus Engineering

Re: Front Shock Absorbers

Shocks are also available from John Radley at PSV Partsmaster in Medway.

My bus number (if any): RML2532