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Rear Lights

Are the original rear lights available from anyone? The directional indicators and to round stop and tail lamps?


Re: Rear Lights

The lens for stop and tail come up quite often on Ebay as do the holders rubber gaskets are hard to find, but try Ray Trigg at Stoke.
Original Indicator lens are very hard to find and will cost a lot, last pair I think were well over £300. The indicator bodies are however available from Rob Duker at Routemaster Preservation.

Re bodywork pillar inserts, they punch out from the front and are cramped back in. You can tap them in if you know what you are doing, they have a grip on the inside, Knocking them in can enlarge the hole so best to cramp them in.
The Routemaster association sell the inserts and set screws.

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Re: Rear Lights

A useable rubber gasket is a simple matter to make.

What perhaps is a matter for debate is whether a vehicle should be converted from refurb type lamps to the glass lens original style. Equally to the point is what happens to the removed refurb lamps.

Lamps of both styles get broken, diminishing stock of obsolete parts poses a question of ethics regarding conversion versus future non availability for a straight damage replacement.

Re: Rear Lights

Why did you think it was a conversion to original Roy? No vehicle is mentioned. The rear light lens are actually plastic and the Brake light lens are hard to find.

Of course the easiest thing is to fit modern lamps although the RML refurb light bodies are not easy to get nowadays either.

I'd find it hard to make a rubber gasket for those rear/front lamps given the different widths and slots in them which is why the originals are always in demand.

My bus number (if any): RTL 960, RMC 1458, RM 1585 and several RTs

Re: Rear Lights

I haven't made any assumptions Brian, just used the opportunity to make a valid point. The raison d'etre of a Forum is to provoke discussion, hopefully there may be some. A few years ago there was a mania for fitting indicator ears, the price of the things went through the roof and refurb style indicator lamps and lenses are now even rarer than the ears, because it would seem that not a lot of thought went into whether they in turn might be wanted.

Not so long ago a bus was involved in a collision which resulted in serious rear end damage. Many parts will be required to reinstate the vehicle, some of which can be fabricated from scratch; others will be unique items to the type, but like seat frames etc not required for bar/restaurant conversions etc.

Re: Rear Lights

Age old issues with regard to how original anything is!

I think reality has to come in at some point so all you can do at times is do your best to keep things as close to the spirit as you can.

Sure Dartmasters are now end of life by product cycle stages and in time bits for them will become an issue.

The bus I need bits for was never overhauled so Im trying to see what may be available, after that 3D printing will allow for some bits to be made up for casting moulds that wont be huge money in the grand scheme of things!

Thanks for the replies and the great resource that is here!