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Route 15H

In the latest Coach & Bus Week there is a report that highlights some pretty savage changes planned for routes that are considered to be `over-bussed`. The plan appears to have been `leaked` and certain parts are `subject to alteration` but this looks to be the formal announcement that we`ve been expecting for some time in that the 15H may be reduced to `Summer weekends and Bank Holidays`.

Probably the most difficult time to cover duties unless part time staff are to feature extensively. Makes little economic sense to have such minimal use of an asset that still has to fit workshop schedules and given the extent of road closures at weekends to facilitate all manner of things thus often ruining any potential that the 15H may have had, the revenue stream is hardly likely to be strong. Can`t help thinking that If the will isn`t there to make it work, why not just shoot it now and put it out of its misery. And whilst I can think of an operator not so far from the eastern end of the 15H that would be more than capable of running it well and making it something to be proud of, I really think that the decision to end it soon is far too strong for anyone to have a chance.

Re: Route 15H

Sadly unless Tfl run to the cost of re engining the RM fleet to Euro 6, even though legally it’s not required, it does against the current promise of a 100% Euro 6, hybrid or full electric future London fleet - I think the writing was on the wall when the refurbishment programme was halted and the previous pro bus enthusiast top Bods have now moved on from tfl ?

My bus number (if any): RML2747

Re: Route 15H

They have enough conductor's for the route ex U and ex BW but the problem with 15h is you cant use contactless on it you cant have oyster cap on ot either i tried before when the conductor took my fare so the machine's never been updated the conductors look miserable and look like they don't want to be there. The rms are in terrible condition even the defurbished ones cos they are parked outside the passenger numbers are down as well. Its died a death and there is nothing we can do so lets retire the old girls.

Re: Route 15H

The rms are exempted from the ulez only other buses are affected