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Correct cab colours and cab seat fabric required

Hello all, just to confirm the colours in the cab of Routemaster. Satin or matt black all over, brown for the engine bulkhead and front bulkhead section behind the drivers seat. I found a perfect match for the brown, Wilkinson's chain stores it's called conker brown. Next question does anyone know of a supplier that does the cab seat fabric either the black vinyl with the numerous airing holes in or the latter black and grey check material. Need enough to do maybe three complete seats in either or all design. Thank you in advance

My bus number (if any): RM158, RML2460

Re: Correct cab colours and cab seat fabric required

I found the conker colour a good match too from wilkos!

the seat material you are after i believe is:
the default is grey but they have black too
(they do free samples if you don't want risk buying unseen)

My bus number (if any): RMF2771