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Lifeguard rail saw

Hello all, when did Routemaster's start and stop carrying the lifeguard rail saws in the cab and were they fitted to both country and central vehicles? I remember seeing one in the cab of RM16 at a show a few years ago having one attached in the cab buckled up behind the drivers head of all places! Has anyone got a photo?

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Re: Lifeguard rail saw

Try speaking to the owner of RM16; I believe that he has drawings as well.

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Re: Lifeguard rail saw

Lifeguard rail saw? They were called "emergency saws" Part No BX 10502. They were secured with a strap and a saddle bracket in the roof of the cab.
I always thought they were for the driver to get out of the cab. Not aware they were for use on lifeguards but that could have been a use.

They were withdrawn from use (as never used) and the saddle and straps removed from RTs, in 1965. Never took one off an RM so I assume they were removed at garages as well.
I remember we were told we could buy them from the Obsolete Stores for 2d when they were removed from stock. They could cut metal or wood, we had something similar for RT work, called an Enox saw, they could get into small spaces due to the blade shape, they looked a lot like a pruning saw.

Not sure at which point the fixings were not fitted from new, but would guess late RMs and all production RMLs didn't have them.

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Re: Lifeguard rail saw

Hi Mark,

Hope you're well. I'll send you by email a the photo of the one in the cab of 597 as supplied and fitted by Dave Simmons. RM16 was parked next to it at the time and used as the pattern.....



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