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2nd Production run of new Footbrake Valve Service Kits for the Routemaster

2nd Production run of new Footbrake Valve Service Kits for the Routemaster

A second run of new footbrake valve service kit could be here soon, and pre-orders are now available.

The first batch has now all been sold, and this means that we are now in a situation that there are no longer any surplus kits available for the repair of footbrake valves.

We now plan to order a second production run of these service kits. However, these are a high cost component and a minimum quantity order is required, so we will be offering a pre-order discount to Routemaster Association members who might wish purchase a footbrake valve service kit in advance of this second production run.

Once the order has been produced, a footbrake valve service kit will have an off-the-shelf price to a Routemaster Association member of £1107.00.

If you would like to pre-order a service kit and pay before 21st October, your footbrake valve service kit will cost £848.70 (+ p&p if personal collection is not practical), and just contact us here no later than 21st October, with your full name, membership number, your current postal address and how many kits you would like to order. We will then forward you the bank details for your payment. This payment must be cleared within the Association bank account by end of play on the 28th October.

We require sufficient pre-orders to enable this second batch to go ahead; please take advantage of the special pre-order discounted price.

If you wish to pre order a kit, please contact me -


Sourcing New Parts for the RMOOA.

My bus number (if any): RMC1462 & RM1977