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An alternative to a hotel RooM

A couple of years ago RML 2384 appeared in the media having been converted into unusual `accommodation` at a pub quite close to the Beamish Open Air Museum in County Durham. I was passing through that area on a day trip as part of a coach tour on 20 September 2017 and was able to use the South Causey Inn as a refreshment stop. I have to say that we had the best fruit scones ever in a quirky setting well worth investigating further but my clients guessed from the moment of turning into the car park that there was a another reason for us being there......

The large outside seating area has a newly built and enclosed private garden within which is an `extension` of the accommodation accessed by a key code on an otherwise locked gate.

I had made a request before our arrival to have a look at the bus and this was duly sanctioned on the day so long as it fell into a tiny window of opportunity due to just a two hour gap between the outgoing and incoming guests. So by trying to keep out of the way of the Housekeeping staff who were working fast, I managed to get some interior pictures.

The transformation of the lower deck is quite stunning. Really nice materials used. Nothing cheap or tacky about it.

Will anyone ever need to access to the flywheel or anything else now beneath the fittings.........

The bizarre experience of being in the lower deck of an RML takes a bit of getting used to!

I was surprised to find the cab complete with all fixtures and fittings.

It must have taken some doing to get that bed up there....

There is a hot tub at the offside of the bus as this is the part most screened from view of those in the pub garden.

I don`t think I was expecting to find a complete engine. Had there been nothing under the bonnet I wouldn`t have been surprised as I assumed this was a totally static bus permanently stranded. Not so. It drove in to the spot where it was subsequently parked on slabs then decking and the secluded garden was built around it. Every week the bus is started and run for a few minutes.

It still has the original Clayton accumulators.

All of the plumbing goes via demountable plastic pipes so that the connections can be broken in order to move the bus if needed.

The Reception staff told me that they had been very pleased with the take up rate to stay in the bus with advance bookings taking out every weekend a year ahead and so many weekdays too that having a big choice of dates is a necessity when inquiring about a potential booking as the first choice date isn`t likely to be available. 92% occupancy levels had been reached in the first year they said.

Re: An alternative to a hotel RooM

An interesting and nicely done conversion. As you say there may be a problem getting access to the flywheel and the gearbox should any work ever need to be done on these in future years. topping up gearbox oil will be impossible.

Good luck to them on their venture.

My bus number (if any): RML2532

Re: An alternative to a hotel RooM

Looks very luxurious, hope the guests don’t leave any food lying about the bus as the local mice and rat population would love a bit of that five star accommodation !

My bus number (if any): RML2747