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Drivers Mirror and Foglight

Hi all,

Does anyone here know of an available front fog light for an RM? I'm also (bit of a long shot this one) after an original drivers side mirror.

Any help appreciated.



My bus number (if any): RM2213

Re: Drivers Mirror and Foglight

Driver's mirrors are very expensive to buy, because they are RM...
For the foglight, Try Triggparts (Ray Trigg) on Ebay, we got one from him, or try Rob Duker. Have you got the bracket for it?

My bus number (if any): RTL 960, RM 1585, RML 2667 and several RTs

Re: Drivers Mirror and Foglight

This is where it can get a bit confusing. Later RMLs had the longer mount bracket as they had deeper smoothed front wing panels that did not have the brake vent inset or the cut away for the foglight. This also followed through to the bottom line of the wing following the slight radius of the bottom of the front grille to create a full width curve across the whole lower front of the bus.

Quite a few later RMs were also outshopped this way after overhaul and the RCLs and RMAs were the same from new. The Number plate is also located below the grille attached via a bracket mounted to the radiator and also fitted with a rubber flange so as to not scalp engineers in the pit.

I think this was also applied to very late C reg RMs but don't have my Blacker Bible to hand but it's in there somewhere as to where in production and when the change took place.

The foglight remained the same although the Lucas /CAV unit was lightly updated in 1965 but looks pretty much the same.

Re: Drivers Mirror and Foglight

Have a look through Holden Vintage's on line catalogue. There won't be a specific RM lamp, but there are similar Lucas repro items listed. It will be necesary to isolate the lamp electrically and run a negative return wire; not too much of a problem if the wing panel is fibre glass.

Re: Drivers Mirror and Foglight

I'm glad you remembered the negative wire roy. About 10 years ago when I rebuilt RFW14, I put the fog lamp back on it. The foglamp would magically go on with the engine revving and the pilot light went out, despite it being turned off.

I had to check for the bastard feed, it was the foglamp. It had been fitted with a single pole bulb previously and that was shorting through the lamp body giving a feed to the chassis. there was another wire touching somewhere which caused the lamp to light randomly. I changed the bulb for the correct type and the provlem went away. I never did find the other feed, may have been in the trafficators.

My bus number (if any): RML2532

Re: Drivers Mirror and Foglight

I should add that I haven't checked the wattage of the bulb required for the repro lamps in the catalogue, however I suspect that the RM one is of fairly low wattage. I don't know the amperage rating of the Arrow switch nor of the wiring to the foglight, but I suspect that the switch is capable since it is the same as used for the headlights and my guess is that the wire is the same size. The reel of 28.030 I have recently purchased is rated at 25 amps.