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Which Oil ???

Long story short:
Ordered HD30 oil
they sent me
FL30 oil

Is this OK to use on
Recon AEC 760 engine converted to fit Routemaster

Many thanks in advance

My bus number (if any): 2259

Re: Which Oil ???

What is FL30 oil? I'd stick with the HD30 or ask Martin Detheridge

My bus number (if any): RTL 960, RM 1585, RML 2667 and several RTs

Re: Which Oil ???

We used to use 15w/40 on the 760 coach engines when I done odd work for Mitcham Belle.

As I've said before, oil technology has come on leaps and bounds over the years. My view is that a straight HD30 is ok for an older engine, but the 760 is more powerful and a higher spec engine.

I got this information from tony Lewis at Brooklands many years ago, he worked in the oil industry and helped develop high spec oils for modern bus transmissions amongst other things.

Your 30 grade ought to be ok for plodding about in an old bus with little or no use in winter.

My bus number (if any): RML2532

Re: Which Oil ???

It's not worth the risk Robert send it back and get the correct oil.

Personally I only use Morris Lubricants SAE30 in all my buses, they're only down the road from you so you can collect.


My bus number (if any): RM's 471, 765, 1783

Re: Which Oil ???

Sorry to disagree with you David, I'd only use SAE30 in a 760 in emergency. It is a much higher powered engine that the 590 and if I remember correctly was specified to use a multigrade oil from new. The 760 is set to run at 2400 rpm, not the 1800 rpm of the 590, more hp + more whizz =more stress on parts.

The main benefit of the straight SAE oils is hat it's thicker and doesn't find leaks in older engines that the thinner multigrades find. But then I suppose looking at it logically, most of our engines are knackered anyway, so what difference would it make? We're not out and about ever day of the year or doing high mileage at speed with full loads.

My bus number (if any): RML2532

Re: Which Oil ???

I can’t remember but you probably rang me about this
Not sure what FL30 is without knowing the specs.

We used HD30 in your engine or some company’s call sae30
I would not normally recommend 15/40 unless it’s rebuilt unit as yours is or 15/40 has always be used.


My bus number (if any): RR & LB4H Routemaster Fleet

Re: Which Oil ???

At Ensignbus in the eighties, they used straight 30 for the Gardner DMS's and multigrade for the Leyland 680's.

Would any of you know the recommended oil for injector pumps?

Re: Which Oil ???

We use engine oil SAE 30

My bus number (if any): RTL 960, RM 1585, RML 2667 and several RTs

Re: Which Oil ???

Put whatever oil goes in the engine in the FIP.

Gardner engines came from the factory with Silkolene Chatsworth 20 in the sump, most then changed to SAE 30 for the summer. Gardners did not like 15w40. Gardner, Foden, Tilling Stevens and Detroit all needed their own oil separate from the rest of the fleet.

Re: Which Oil ???

Thanks to the last two gentlemen for the useful tips. A few years ago a preservationist needed a small amount of SAE 30, so I went into Homebase and got him a small bottle from the gardening section behind the lawnmowers. That store is still open, (near Catford),so I will check next time I go there if they still have it.

Re: Which Oil ???

Didn't want to trouble you Martin.

Still not clear if FL30 oil will do damage?

Bus went well on a recent event. It is not really that low on oil. just a thin line 1 m m down. I did not put any oil in as I was worries about this FL30 causing problems.

Have ordered HD 30 to be safe. Just needs a half a cup to top it up. Need to know what to do with this FL l30 ????

Have been away for a bit and only recently saw. these replies

Thanks for all the input

My bus number (if any): RCL2259

Re: Which Oil ???

If this has a proper RM dipstick then it is calibrated in 'Gallons to Add'. Most modern vehicles with an electronic oil level indication on the dash will throw a fault message if the oil level is not kept just below the full mark.

Re: Which Oil ???

A qucik google search reveals FL30 is a Comma oil, suiltable for older naturally-aspirated diesel engines. so it should be suitable for AEC engines. But heed what I said earlier about using a a multigrade in the 760 engines.

These days we are not talking about these engines doing a full day's work every day of the year or in coaches, thumping along the motorway flat out all day. with the more gentle lifestyle I feel too many people make a lot of fuss about what oils to use. Tony Lewis at the London Bus Museum used to work for one of the major oil companies and he enlightened me as to how oils have developed over the years.

Yes you have to use a mineral oil in RT and RF diffs, they have phospher bronze crown wheels which will rot if you use an EP grade oil. Similarly it's not good using a high spec oil suitable for a modern turbo engine in for your RM engine. It's ok as a "get you out of trouble" situation, but ot long-term use. Engines without filters aren't designed to run on detergent based oils, they need a straight SAE30 or whatever.

If I still had the Reliance handbook I"m sure it would tell me what engine oil to use in the 760.

A look in the RF workshop manual shows different names for the same type of engine oil, each oil company had its own name for the same sort of blend. FL30 is SAE30.

My bus number (if any): RML2532