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Speaking with bus industry leaders last week we got round to discussing electric buses, not really an RM-related subject until the unladen weight of modern buses reared it head.

A standard RML at 7760kg gives a vehicle weight of 107kg of bus per passenger seat. Fully loaded with 5 standing and 2 crew, is 98kg per passenger.
My GS, 4000kg, with 26 passenger seats is 153 kg per seat; fully loaded with 3 standing and driver is 133kg per person.
The latest battery powered single deck with 26 seats weighs in at 18000kg for 26 passenger seats, an amazing 692kg per passenger. I don't know the standing capacity, but these things can't be that economic, especially when they reportedly need special tyres to cope with the additional weight of the batteries. then wear and tear on steering/suspension and undergound services. It makes me wonder.

Then one of them said about the distance from where we were standing to his depot, some 2 miles. that is where his local substation is that is man enough to provide the charging facilities for electric buses.

I wanted to do a comparison between these and the FRM which has been out and about today, but I don't know the unladen weight of it!

My bus number (if any): RML2532

Re: Progress?

According to LT vehicle statistics chart no 0392 dated 3/10/1978:

8tons 14cwt 1 qr unladen. 13tons 6cwt 3 qr gross. Laden axle weights: front 4tons 4cwt 2qr. rear 9 tons 2cwt 1 qr. Assumed weight of 72 passenger and 2 crew 4tons 12 cwt 2 qr. unladen weight per passenger 264lbs standing passengers allowed 3.

Re: Progress?

I reckon then the FRM is about a metric tonne heavier than the RML, so still not too bad compared with anything else. Presumably there's more steelwork at the back end to dangle the engine and gearbox from

My bus number (if any): RML2532

Re: Progress?

RML 29'10" long Wheel base 19'2" Front overhang 2'10" Rear overhang 7'10"

FRM 31'3" long Wheelbase 16'10" Front overhang 7'1" Rear overhang 7'4"

all measurements + various fractions of an inch. RM is same wheelbase as FRM.