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Cummins Fan, and Accumulator pressure valves

Hi Guys, hope everyone is keeping well with the current world wide health crisis. Not too bad here in Sydney as yet, but we are heading to a total lockdown very soon. No work for my Routemaster at the moment so I am taking the opportunity to do a few repairs, I'm looking for a fan for a Cummins C series and also a brake pressure warning switch, as I have one that is sticking and don't want to strip it down unless I have a spare one. Anyhelp is much appreciated.
Please all stay safe and look after yourselves and all of your loved ones.

My bus number (if any): RML 2353, MB 306, MS 1103

Re: Cummins Fan, and Accumulator pressure valves

Fan, if the yellow original type you can get from Imperial Engineering.
If not the same, try your local Cummins dealer.
The Roys might have an idea of a source of a brake pressure switch or Mike Langley might be able to repair it.

My bus number (if any): RTL 960, RM 1585, RML 2667 and several RTs