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Looking for parts & advice!!

I just bought a Colombia 26 as a surprise to my beautiful Australian wife and im about to start a refit on a budget. I live in Newport, Rhode Island but believe it or not I am new to sailing! (Well it's been a while and I've never owned my own boat) I am going to use it as a day sailor and a weekend warrior to Nantucket etc.

I am open to any and all advice.

My number one issue is the engine. If I can't get it running I will install an out board. Should I utilize the outboard well in the helm or mount to transom?

I have an inboard engine in mine. It's a 2 stroke gasoline 1969 Danish engine! I can't get it to run. I've also been warned of the dangers of onboard gas enginea. Should no be concerned.

I also have concerns with the corroded keel bolts and deteriorated keel fairing where it meets the hull.

I also broke my rolling ferler drum.

I will be on a moring. Any advice on battery usage/solar etc.

I have an alcohol burning stove that's in great comdition. I've been warned about the dangers of this as well. Especially with a gas engine nearby...Should I be concerned?

Besides that just a few small leaks in the deck here and there and a fresh paint job and she's good to go. I have great rigging and sails including a spinaker.

Thanks for any advice and or parts I could buy or recieve! :)

Open invitation to sail in Newport to anyone who helps!! :)

Re: Looking for parts & advice!!

I live in RI as well and my 26 MkII is in Allen Harbor. After a 10 year restoration and upgrade I'll be happy to answer questions or show you "1WISH".

Re: Looking for parts & advice!!

I just bought a 1974 26 mkii, hull 629. At some point, the stanchions were removed. The deck was patched and painted. I have the stanchions, but no lifelines. Any advice on re-mounting and re-bedding?

Re: Looking for parts & advice!!

Hi! Where would I find the door panels?