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Transom mounted outboard????

I'm growing tired of dealing with the outboard in the well. I sail Lake Tahoe and we have no swell but we do deal with some 2-3' waves. I know a lot of you have made the move to the transom. Let me know what your experiences have been. Also, what is the best way to plug the hole once it has been moved.
Thank you.

Re: Transom mounted outboard????

Tim, I would Never in A Million Years Give Up My Motor In The Well, But I Would Give Up My Motor Well Plug That Came With My Columbia,If You Have made the Decision To Relocate your motor to the Transom,Contact Me Off List For Photos and Details.

Don GHOST "EL Condor Pasa"

Re: Re: Transom mounted outboard????

Hey Don,
I might just be interested in that plug but can you enlighten me to the reasons that you wouldnt consider it?

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Hey Don,

Thanks for the post. I might just be interested in that plug but how about enlightening me as to why you would never relocate the iron wind to the transom. I’m thinking less drag under sail with the motor up and more space in the cockpit. Sacrifices: Outboard motor hanging off an otherwise clean transom and the possibility of the motor coming out of the water in chop. Any other thoughts?

Thanks,Hi Tim,You pretty much answered your own question,With the motor in the well it says planted in the water very well evev in 6-8 foot rollers,I use a 6 HP Short shaft The prop only comes out of the hull a foot or less Very little drag.As far as the motor taking up room in the cockpit the only room it really uses is under the tiller and only enough room for a small cooler anyway.And sence our Columbias have a icebox in the cabin no need for that,I dont know it just seems perfect to me,And yes why mess up a clean looking transom with a outboard.
The plug I have is origanal Columbia Teak top and a fiberglass box that will set down into your resess and the bottom of the box will flush up to the bottom of your hull,Of course you will lose the washing machine effect.If your interisted i will send you some photos, It needs refinished but is solid.
Don GHOST "EL Condor Pasa"

Re: Re: Re: Re: Transom mounted outboard????

How about water intrusion into the cockpit when you're in those 6-8 foot swells, or running off before a good size sea.

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Has anyone ever mounted their outboard on the transom? I,m thinking mainly of the noise sometimes I must motor for three hours. Any comments appreciated.

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I have a 9.8hp Nissan mounted off the transom now. No smoke, and quiet operation. The only thing I don't like about it is that you have to hang over the stern to operate the controls, or shut it down, raise the motor mount and then tilt the engine. Of course there is the problem of the prop coming out of the water if choppy, short steep waves.

Re: Transom mounted outboard????

Hi All,

I've taken a smaller, older outboard off the transom of my Columbia 26 MkII and really like it better now that it's in the well (though the lack of steering in reverse seems to be the main sacrifice, I really like the ease of operation). So I'm getting ready to order a quieter, newer motor to put in the well permanently.

I'm thinking about the Tohatsu 9.8HP 4 stroke. Can anyone comment on whether it's likely to be too big or too powerful in the well, and if I should get the 15" short shaft? It seems like it might be ideal. Is there a better/less expensive motor that anyone would recommend?

We considered going with the inboard, but it looks like it would cost more to repower that way than the boat's worth, but if anyone has any advise either way, I'd appreciate it.