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wanted aluminum window frames for Columbia 26 Mk II

I am in the process of replacing the windows on my 1973 Columbia 26 Mk II, and I am in danger of ruining the old aluminum fram extrusions in trying to get the old ones out. Does anyone know where I might buy new aluminum window frames that match the old ones I am removing, should I destroy them in removing the old scratched lexan/plastic. More to the point, does anyone know of a nifty way of removing the old adhesive around the original windows, I have read that a piano-wire garrot helps in cutting away the adhesive form the original frames?

Re: wanted aluminum window frames for Columbia 26 Mk II

Removed my aluminum frame with a heat gun.(all screws out of course) You have to soften the adhesive. Frames will probably be bent in spots. Work slowly. I tried to work slowly and still pried indents in frames. Thru them out, cut biger holes, plumbed the area more vertical for drainage, learned how to epoxy, faired to shape with existing curve of cabin top, installed 4 new beckson 17X7 inch opening ports. Fairing to perfect was tough for a first timer. glass was over 1/4 inch ply. Looks great, changed the look of MKII for the better I think and I have air in cabin. Boat was refit completely and painted and is for sale at if you want to see windows. good luck