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1971 C 26 MkII #952

New boat owner. I picked Sargasso up in salvage. I have been working on her for about a week solid. A beautiful boat is emerging from the large piece of mold and mildew docked in my back Yard. I am in need of a rudder. Also the the main through hull under the cockpit is weeping pretty good. About a gallon of water a day.There are sponges and plastic bags stuffed in the open top of this fitting. I can't haul her out for a while. I saw on factory specs that an electric bilge pump was an option for this boat. The area seems small for a pump. I don't want to have to cut a hole in the floor to find out. Does anybody have this pump installed, or know about it. All the bilge pumps I have seen are to tall for this area, at the bottom of the stairway. Any help with this or a rudder would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

Capt. Greg Coupland

Key Largo Fl.

P.S. I have been a motor boater for over 20 years and am new to sailing.
Be nice to me. At first..... HA HA!!!!!

Re: 1971 C 26 MkII #952

We purchased a 1969 MK11 last summer. She leaked around the older cockpit drains untill I replaced them with new black radiator hoses. I also think she was leaking around the same spot you described, but it was hard to tell cause it was always wet. My plan is for a bilge pump under the cockpit towards the stairs...where the drains come out..seems like the deepest part of the hull where water can collect...I want one there more for an emergency than any other reason. We keep a little hand pump on board and clean out near the floor board and keel bolts about once a week.
On your rudder..I seem to remember a site that had info on who owned the original molds etc. If I can find it I will write back.
Good Luck . we are in CT waiting for the snow to go away.

Re: 1971 C 26 MkII #952

I just replaced the valve on this drain under the cockpit. You should have access thru the lazzerett. It's a tight place to work but much better than cutting holes. This is also 1971 Columbia 26 MK II.