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Still available!

As you may have noticed from the post near the top of this message board, this boat is still available. This guy S Craig jerked me around for way too long, then changed his mind. I guess a free boat wasn't cheap enough for him! If you want this boat and have some way of getting me a tax writeoff, I will listen to all deals. Keep in mind...I do NOT want any money for this boat..........but I will also NOT incur any expense in giving it away.

Re: Boat Location.???

Hi, A friend has a MKII IT IS A GREAT BOAT..and I am looking for one.. Where is the boat located....State.? THANKS, MIKE

Re: Re: Boat Location.???

The boat is docked near Chincoteague, VA...which is about 30 miles south of Ocean City, MD. This is on the Atlantic side, not the Chesapeake. Look at a map and you will see.