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Dinette/Settee modification to king size bed

My husband and I own "Kahuna Kai" - a 1969 Columbia 26 MkII that appears to have all of the custom fittings that were available. After our first year of sailing and not liking using the V-berth as our main bed (we are both 6' tall) we happened to notice that the dinette seats and settee fiddles were slotted. My husband used these slots to create what amounts to a king size bed across the beam of our boat. Much roomier than the V-berth.

What I am curious about is if anyone else has these fiddles. Was it a Columbia thing, or have they been added by someone? The fiddles are an identical match in stain and shape to the other fiddles in the boat.

Re: Dinette/Settee modification to king size bed

Hi There,

We have also been thinking of doing that conversion and I have just found this message board!

I would greatly appreciate some photos of the conversion - it would help me in my task.

If you can e-mail me via
I'd appreciate it.



Re: Re: Dinette/Settee modification to king size bed

Beware of Anderson vintage parts,they ripped me off on a seat assembly, no package or refund...
Really weak!