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Looking for 26 MKII Rudder

Hi, I'm refitting a 1971 Columbia 26 MKII, and I need a rudder.

If anyone's got a spare or salvaged rudder, please email me.



Re: Looking for 26 MKII Rudder

Me and a couple of friends bought, and are fixing up an old 26 MKll. We are minus a rudder and really need one as soon as possible.

Re: Re: Looking for 26 MKII Rudder

Hey there Im actually looking for any specs about a columbia 26 rudder mine was the spade kind but someone stole it i plan on making a new one but i cant find any infomation on dimensions if i dont find some info soon ill have to go over all the formulas and design one if you have any info please let me know and i will do the same if you cant find one yourself let me know and i can fabricate one for you i just need some dimensions