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Re: What outboard do you use?

I am going to take my mk2 out for the first time tomorrow i have a johnson 5 hp in the well and a honda four stroke eight on an outboard bracket on the transom the honda is too big for the well and its a short shaft and im not sure which setup ill use ill just post a message with my opinion later

Re: Re: What outboard do you use?

I've owned my '74 since it was new .... sometime in the 80's, I put an outboard bracket on the stern. Never regretted it. I never liked the noise or the exhaust in the cockpit.

I've used just about every engine on the boat. I've had a Nissan 8.9, 2 stroke for about 6 years. Its light (70 lbs) and very reliable. I got it on sale from defender for about $800. Unfortunately, its out of production and I'd probably not recommend a used one because you have no idea what your getting. You could look though - maybe someone with good maintenance habits traded one in for a four stroke.

The new 9.8 Nissan weighs 80 lbs - that's about the max I'd put on the transome and you have to reinforce with a stout backing plate behind the bracket.

From my perspective, I'd not get anything else but a Nissan/Tohatsu. Even the small Mercs are actually Tohatsus. The Yamahas and Hondas are too heavy and too bulky, IMO. Stay away from Johnsons - I have no idea whose making these now and I owned two of them with poor longevity and reliability.

Re: Re: What outboard do you use?


How did it go? Did the motor in the well work?


Re: Re: Re: What outboard do you use?

My boat (1202 ?) came with a 15hp Chrysler outboard, it was recently updated, perhaps from the 9hp but still smokes like a cigar and I hate the controls. (Where should I be looking when its time to go into reverse as I pull into my slip?)

I am seriously looking into repowering with an experimental, electric inboard which I have yet to design.

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Short shaft or long shaft???????????

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I have the long shaft.

I have come across 2 possibly good sources for electric c