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What if the 6th army made a breakout?

If Hitler would have given the orders to breakout would not the weakened 6th army share the same fate as Napoleon's army in retreat?
Leaving the wounded behind with slower isolated units that could not make the painful march out on foot.
Would not half of the 6th army be destroyed on the frozen roads out of the the ruins,no shelter from the elements and units loosing all cohesion,
An easy target for Russian planes and tanks.
Would not the collapse drag other German forces outside the pocket into stampede as they see the bedraggled 6th army as a worthless frost bitten liability blocking all exit roads out of a collapsing front line?
Without the Stalingrad ruins as shelter where would 100,000 troops find new warmth for the night in this cruel environment.
Historians have painted the last stand in the ruins stupid versus a slaughter on the few roads out blocked with stalled vehicle traffic,frozen dying men as the wrong discision....why.

Re: What if the 6th army made a breakout?

Yes. Breaking out was not a good option. Except for the commanders who supported it and who would be likely to escape.

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