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Generals died in captivity why?

Odd that many German generals died in captivity during 1951-1955.
To have made it past 1950 and then to have died seems rather suspicious.
I noticed that many top ranking Germans died in those years after making it past the yearly brutal years 1943-1946 in the prison camps.
Was this like 1940 Katyn Forest where Polish army officers were liquidated/murdered as not to cause political problems or rebellion when the communist took over Poland.
I'm sure the Russians didn't want German officers to make it back to Western Germany and then reenlist in the new W.G Bundeswehr like so many others had done when freed from western prison camps.
The Cold War was raging hot and to have many expert veterans survive with a deep knowledge of Russian battlefield tactics would seem dangerous in the extreme.
The Korean war was waging,Berlin was being blockaded and Vietnam was becoming a bothersome flash point with the West.Why give the American military a gift when war could have started at any moment.

Re: Generals died in captivity why?

I read that only one German general captured at Stalingrad died in Soviet captivity.

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