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Volga Islands saved Mother Russia?

Looking at the maps posted I noticed that the Volga has many Islands next to the back door of Stalingrad,like a protective Island screen for the Russians sending in fresh troops into the ruins.
Are these Islands or marshy wetlands surrounding the city?
Watching the movie "Enemy at the Gates" it showed a death run of Russian small boats crossing the Volga under enemy fire as the only way into the city ,but on the maps it shows many foot bridges crossing the small Islands leading into the city.
Why did the Germans not try to do what the Russians had done,encircle the city on all sides?
I understand that the Germans had not the manpower but it was just as wasteful to go against brave determined Russians hunkering down in the ruins then meeting them out in the open on the right bank of the Volga.
The Russians massed hundreds of tanks under cover, does the environment changes from flat hilly terrain on the German side to what on the Russian side?....Birch forest?

Re: Volga Islands saved Mother Russia?

Seems as though the Russians were hopeless in everything according to some, except for winning the war. Come on, give the people who smashed fascism their due. It is disgraceful that the west continue to denigrate the Russian people and their glorious victories.

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