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Stalingrad in the Modern Memory

I'm particularly interested in how Stalingrad is preserved in contemporary culture, and what compromises have to be made in order to remind us of its significance. In the UK we have popular and academic histories, of which Beevor (1998) may still be the pack leader, but we also have less obvious manifestations, such as the T-shirts produced by 'Philosophy Football'! Three films have been available: Joseph Vilsmaier's 1993 German film lamentably dubbed into English for video release, but coming soon on DVD in its original form; Fedor Bondarchuk's recent (2013) Russian film fixated on distracting 3-D action; and the American Enemy at the Gates, 2001, concentrating on the apocryphal Zaitsev/'Konig' sniper battle. None of these, in my view, is equal to the subject at hand, though the Hollywood film, perhaps surprisingly, may come nearest.

The book that is in any estimation equal to the subject is Vasily Grossman's magnificent Life and Fate, available in English since 1985 but only just beginning to achieve the status it deserves. It is a long novel, and does not confine itself solely to the battle, but for anyone with an interest in the human (and of course Russian) aspect of war it is an essential read.

There is more to popular culture than films and books - what do contributors to this website have to say about the way in which Stalingrad is commemorated?

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