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If you want to upload an album or songs to this section of the site, please ensure that it's not already on a physically available CD or one that's slated for future release on CD. By that we mean the actual Disc with artwork and packaging which you can physically hold in your hands.

To check on that availability, most often but not always on independent labels, the best sources  are reputable music traders like JB Hi Fi, Sydney's Red Eye Records & Timewarp's mail order division and for major label releases only, Sanity. Also check an artist's or a record label's online website ie Aztec Music, Raven or Canetoad Records. If you're still unsure then please ASK as someone is sure to know.

The minimum bitrate to upload at is 256kbps but must be 320 if ripping the music yourself.  Lower bit rates may only be accepted if there truly is no other option ie you are a 2nd or 3rd party . Many would disagree, but it's sometimes better to have something of extreme rarity in poor quality than not at all. But again ask if someone has a better rip before uploading your inferior one.

Artwork is highly desired but not a pre-requisite when uploading as someone in the group may be able to provide it later if you can't e.g. you have no scanner. However in all cases when posting an album in the discussion forum, please let us know if the CD art is included or not. If it is then is it

(a) the full artwork CD ready ie front & back cover scans, any gatefold inserts and tray insert. For best results we recommend scanning all 4 corners of L.P. covers before stitching so all information on the cover is available.
(b) just front & back only with no tray insert
(c) or just front cover scan only. The latter is to be discouraged completely unless you intend providing the back scan later. In which case wait till then & upload both.

ALWAYS: If providing art, please also list it as A SEPARATE LINK even if it is included with the main music file. This is so that others who only need the art don't have to download 80-100 mg of music they already own to get it.

Lastly, we appreciate that some here do have difficulty in stitching the scans together, so it is initially acceptable to upload unstitched scans. Someone may help & do the job for you, uploading these at a later stage. However it is strongly suggested that you keep practicing your own skills .

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A thankyou or a please is all we ask

A sad and unfortunate trait seems to have crept into the Midoztouch forum of late, and sorry to say but it seems to be from those either new to the forum or else it's the lurkers who post rarely, if at all.

I won't name names at the moment but only on this occasion. However the disgraceful trait I want stopped is that there have been several requests for different artists and albums made these past few weeks which have been met thanks most often due to our regualar contributors.

And yet when the request is posted, the one but constant omission from the list of thankyous, also usually by our regulars, is a thanks by the person who wanted the artists/album in the first place.

How rude are you people? There is so much posted here that we don't expect that everyone can contribute new postings. That is an unrealistic expectation. But if you ask for something, the least you can do is have the courtesy to show some gratitude and give thanks to the person who has helped you find what you want. After all a lot of time is put into providing these album rips, especially if it hasn't been previously posted and has to be ripped from vinyl

So I think a new rule is called for if things don't improve. But that rule will be that if you intend to request something you want, you must have thanked someone or left a comment in the previous 7 days regarding another album else you have downloaded. Otherwisey ou have no grounds to make what surmounts to a demand.

Oh & something else too. If you wan't something or if a link is not working and you want it to be re-upped, instead of just whingeing about it, how about asking nicely and saying PLEASE!!! Honestly, you'd think it was some people's right to have this music with the appalling lack of manners shown

Thanks for your consideration in future if you expect your long lost faves to be made available to you


Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

Yes some very good points Micko a PLEASE or THANK YOU to my knowledge has never hurt or killed anyone yet that I know of LOL. But so many times we forget theres little words that can means so much. And i'm sure here most of us know that it is time consuming to rip a CD and even longer to rip a LP and clean it up and to get no thanks for it is a bit disappointing.

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

You speak for me too micko. A trend which appears to be sneaking in to daily life generally I think.

So thank you for raising the issue, and please continue to make your pertinent comments.

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

Dear Micko
Thank you for raising the important issue of manners. Please keep it in our circle of awareness. While I believe I have always thanked those that fulfil my requests; I am probably guilty of the sin of not always posting a thank you for some of my other downloads. In the future I will try to rectify this.
After all if someone has taken the time to post an item that interests me; I should take the time to thank them whether I originally posted a request or not.


Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

Thanks guys. I know how you feel. I'll say thanks for all your efforts. Just remember karma says thankyou in all kinds of ways.

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

Hear, hear! It's just good old common decency. After being sprung as a lurker I really do want to take this opportunity to thank all of the contributors to this fantastic site. I can appreciate the long hours required to rip the material and scan the artwork. Without their dedication to preserving this musical history we would not be able hear the huge volume of work from Australian artists. It would just be lost forever. So using please and thank you is the least you can do.
PS. Yesterday, when all I got was the "Website Expired" message I nearly went into shock!! I had faith that all would turn out OK and I'm glad Midoztouch is still here.
You fellas are doing a great job!

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

I happened upon a music blog very recently that had once had over 700 albums for sharing. The blog owner had removed all the links to the downloads and left a final post saying so.

There was (I can't find it now) a specific post I read there where the owner had stated there'd been something like 15,000 downloads of those albums over the (very short) time the blog had been running. Only 150 (thereabouts) thank-yous had been posted in return.

Certainly got me thinking. I immediately returned to where I'd downloaded a few albums from another blog I'd visited and posted some belated thanks.

I was, still am, new to this sourcing old loved music from the web. I observed the lack of thanks being posted to many blogs I've located and somehow construed it was the way of things these days. It felt odd determining people were most probably helping themselves to what was on offer yet there was very little indication they were saying thank you. I thought maybe people were less than comfortable with their leaving a note, thought maybe they might have felt doing so might make them "vulnerable" in some way.

I had also half formed an idea that these days it's ok to not leave a thank you but you know, it's not really.

I believe people like to know they're work is appreciated.

Here, I had downloaded a couple of albums from the earlier version of Midoztouch. I wasn't really sure exactly where to put a thanks without starting a new topic as some links were located using google and where on the original main page. I think I managed to get my thank you in place none the less :)

I'd suggest a dedicated "Thank You for Sharing" thread be begun. Perhaps make it a sticky that everyone visiting would see easily.

If newcomers were in anyway unsure of the protocol here they'd quickly see it's ok to say thanks in the sticky and certainly they'd see also thanks left at specific downloads and in other places. It's early in the day so I might have missed something. plus, I'm relatively new to here so... I'll leave this germ of an idea here and let you all decide its merit.

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

Hear, hear Micko - sad but true!!

I confess to having been guilty myself, bowled over by the joy of finding that elusive album/track.

There's no valid excuse though is there?, so belated
thank you's from me where they may have been missed.

Unfortunately, as has been stated, it seems to be that manners are pretty much forgotten by society as a whole in this (new, enlightened??) 21st century.
It's a shame though, when manners cost so little & give so much!!

Will do better from here on,



Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

Agree entirely - only takes a couple of seconds to post a quick "Thanks!"...

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

Well said Micko and I totally agree. We had (and still have) the same problem over at Ausrock. So much so that I started a topic in a similar vein to this a long time back.

Your old regulars will say thanks where they can (sometimes it's not easy to find just where to do it) but a lot just don't bother.

The unfortunate downside is that the uploader, who quite often will have spent a considerable amount of time and effort getting that ultra-rare album up on rapidshare, megaupload etc, will become quite jaded by the lack of response and simply stop uploading anything. Then we all lose.

I've been in the situation myself where I've uploaded something; posted the links; and nothing. But a check of my rapidshare account shows over 50+ downloads.

Get real people. If you can spare the time it takes to complete a download, you can spare a few more seconds to show your gratitude.

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

I can't say thanks enough for the amazing music, brilliant rips and beautiful artwork I've found here.

You guys do amazing work and I'm deeply appreciative!

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

Another thank you from me. It would be extremely hard to get to listen to the music I've found living here, for the work that's been done to make it available and the sharing afterwards, to keep that music alive, my continuing appreciation.

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask





Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

Hi Micko and all valued contributors.
I haven't been around much and fall into the category of having no relevant material that hasn't been posted already. (i.e. "a lurker")
But I simply must congratulate you on the new 'look' of the site

Regarding thanks in general. I guess you guys have a lot of server space, but it would be nice to see a simple thanks button, beside the "Quote" and "Reply" buttons,for when you want to express gratitude but have nothing to add to conversation..
(Kinda like me right now - not a criticism in any way)
Once again thanks for your hard work, fellows!

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

Thank you (it's two words) for all your hard work in writing, performing, funding and enabling the music on this site.

You blokes are talented!

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

Johnno can I please ask you to stop this one man tirade you seem hell bent on. Admittedly a couple of people have attacked you on the forum & I have asked them off-list to cease this behaviour however as you haven't provided an email address, I have to ask you more publicly. For that I apologise but all such posts have now been removed by me as I'm sure you have noticed

However can I please remind you of what you posted on the RCA thread after I had answered your initial query? I thought it had been settled amicably then and at no time since have I personally attacked you or called you childish names.

The text of that RCA post read (in full)

Micko, I see your viewpoint and agree pretty much. I reckon CDs are at the point now of being redundant in and of themselves. Old or new, apparently they can barely be given away anymore. I reckon that uploading stuff is a bit of a grey area, but if you're not profiting I don't see any harm.

On the other hand it can be noted that the artist is not making any royalties on free downloads either - but in most cases this stuff is never going to be reissued by the labels anyway, so where's the harm? Not only that, but how many of the artists got ripped off by their labels in the first place anyway?

My feeling is that any of the artists involved are most likely delighted that their work is available again and being appreciated around the world.

I do applaud your approach of steering clear of material that you know is planned for legitimate reissue (by Aztec, and probably no one else - Half-A-Cow might be the only other one).

In conclusion -- keep up the good work [8-)]

I think it reasonable to suggest from the above that you have no doubt availed yourself of much that we have offered here so how about joining us in friendship instead. As you yourself said, much of this will never be made available & if nothing else it makes many of us aware of artists ignored by the record companies back then. It also gives renewed exposure to those who are still out there playing the traps to small but appreciative audienes, If by posting these long lost recordings we have increased that audience by even just a few, then that's more $$$ in the musos pockets.

So can we please call a truce Johnno? You've shown that you can be amenable so how about more of that as it takes far more energy to be constantly angry & negative than it does to say something nice once in a while.

Thank you for your consideration


Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

Fair enough Micko. We obviously have opposing views on some issues, a lot of people do. I'm not going to restate my position, as you obviously don't wish to hear it - except I will say that I find uploading obscure old material is perfectly acceptable when it's been out of print forever AND there are no plans to reissue it.

Well, OK, that IS my position, and that's as far as it goes. Not too unreasonable, I wouldn't have thought. Of course, it's up to you how you choose to go about what you do.

So yes, we have our differences - I don't agree with censorship for another thing - but you seem to be an all right bloke.

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

All good then Johnno, I'm glad we can at least agree to disagree.
Now about that Aztec Records list everyone's making out...

Cheers mate, onwards & upwards


Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask


Just registered after stumbling across this site a couple of days ago and d/l'ing a few albums. Many, many thanks to all of those involved -this site is a dream come true for a 50 year old who'd given up hope of finding some of the music he listened to in his yoof!

All your work is greatly appreciated - both by me and a work colleague for whom I played the Dugites compilation today (he used to see them play frequently back around 1979-80) !

Thanks once more - MarkC

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

I have just found this most fabulous site today quite by accident and I love it. What a great concoction of entertainment you have already available here - and I haven't had the time to fully search all of what's available yet! Thank you so much for making available all these long lost memories and for allowing me to relive those heady days of the sixties and seventies. Brilliant work!

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

To Micko and everyone who has contributed in the past.

I've only recently discovered Midoztouch and this 56 year old was in tears when I saw the list of albums (many of which I had on vinyl but lost in a house fire back in 1995) available for download. I can't say thank you enough times for what you have provided here. Having recently had some cardiac surgery, with lots of time on my hands, I'm enjoying listening to albums I thought I would never ever hear again.



Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

Thanks Roy1954

More than happy to assist with your recovery mate tho sorry to hear you've not been at all well. Still I'm sure this was only a hiccup as you'll need 20-30 years to get through & listen to all these albums from us all

Get well soon mate


Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

Thanks to all concerned for the music!


Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

It's so easy to hit and run,taking what must be a long repetitive process to upload and not receiving recognition.I know i get caught up in the joy of discovering new things and finding others from my murky past,without acknowledging those who have provided.A real big thanks from blighty for all the treasures i've discovered here,from someone who didn't realise how much i'd miss aussie music on the radio until it wasn't there,this has been a godsend for me. Thank you Micko and all the others.

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

It appears that this hit-and-running is still progressing. I posted three items last weekend and though there have been only three comments there have been in excess of 50 downloads. Too many lurkers spoil the blog guys!!

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

Hello Micko
Thank YOU and all contributers to your fantastic site.
I am 58 and disabled and having a second turn at life.
the music on your site allows me to recapture some of my youth and memories.
A really big Thank YOU once again
MAX (MusicVegie)

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

It appears that this hit-and-running is still progressing. I posted three items last weekend and though there have been only three comments there have been in excess of 50 downloads. Too many lurkers spoil the blog guys!!

- ratso

There will forever be people simply searching the net, finding links any old how, not even visiting the sites they're from but just happening on a link in their searching and then downloading what's on offer. Not a hope in hell those folks will ever be reachable to ask whether they might consider leaving a thanks for the time and effort to the folks who put in the hard yards.

The thing is to be able to find a way to live with that reality. It can be a bit of a trial and most definitely not the easiest thing to achieve (speaking from experience).

You have my thanks ratso, you can be certain of that much

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

im couldn't thank you guys enough. after the longest search i finally found the delltones london sessions on here. and i just noticed some more treasure. i must hold back until speed goes back up unfortunately.
this website is a great service. i am so glad someone is archiving these gems for future generations.

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

Hi, recent member to site & am having the time of my life revisiting some earlier oz music. I have lots of Aussie stuff but do not yet know how to transform vinyl to uploads. Will be learning this when I get some time off! Just wanted to thank everybody for sharing & say that this has made me so happy re-listening & discovering great music. Thanks again, I really appreciate the efforts made & hope to share some of my stuff when I learn the art!!!! Cheers, Garlo.

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

I`d also like to pass on a big thanks to all the contributors who take the time to share their music with us. I unfortunately purchased most of my early music on inferior cassette to listen to in my car, I`d thought I`d never be able to revisit those albums again until I found this site.
Thanks all, great site.

Cheers, Fiery

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

An end of year/crazy season thank you to everyone for the effort you've all put into Midoztouch this last 12 months.

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

Thanks to everyone for some really great music & memories. I have re-connected with some old favourites and listened to stuff I have never heard of before. Really appreciate all your efforts. Happy Christmas all

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

Have download tracks by Buddy England and Yvonne Barrett which I have just found on this site. Enjoyed them very much.

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

I have found the time over the last few days to methodically go through all the postings on this site and have had a fabulous time finding music to add to my collection. I ended up downloading about 20 albums.
I would like to give a very big thankyou to all who have put the music on here.

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

Thanks for chance to have another listen to music from my youth and for the improved look of the site.

Dunno if this is the right place, but the link for LRB's Monsoon doesn't work.

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

Just for you Micko thank you and to all the others thanks to you to for all the amazing NZ and Aussie music I have gotten off of this site. I am still keeping my MP3's but have gotten into Flac as of the last 3 or so years so to all you selfless contributors on this and other sites thanks for the gift of music that you give us all.

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

To all the contributers on this great site a heartfelt thanks for your efforts. So much fantastic music would unfortunately have been lost forever without your time and very extensive collections.

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

Only posted a couple of times, but love the site, and when i can i will upload some rarities, sadly most of this is sitting in a box back in NZ at the moment, but i do have some on a couple of disc's, just need to find them

Thanks again for the Waves LP and 1860 Band, greatly appreciated, and just downloading Headband "hell been a longtime since i heard them, my hippie teacher took me to see them when i was 12, with ticket and Karma"


Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

What a fantastic website - thanks very much to all the contributers - special mention to Keith for Live One, and Guy for The Final Wave. Recall with great fondness these two records from my youth. Incidentally I do have them both on vinyl in storage - just not the means atm to get them into digital format.... will add it to the list of things I need to do.

Question - there are a few old requests which I may be able to help out with down the track (no pun) - is it acceptable to bump old threads or would you prefer a new thread created.

Cheers again


Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

Hi Noddy & thanks for the words of appreciation. Good to have you on board mate & welcome to the Midoz family

In regards to your question. Just bump the original post if that's OK.

In the mentime until you get set up, hope you find lots to enjoy, some to discover for the first time & as I say to all newbies, happy hunting

Cheers Noddy


Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

Thank you for re-igniting a passion for Australian music in me. What a great website and such a great job done by all. I hope to contribute to the forum in the near future. And once again THANK YOU.

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

I'd like to offer my heartfelt thanks to all you good folks out there in cyberspace,who keep on putting great old ozzie music no line,for us listeners to enjoy.People like Deutros,Stampy,Gruntrat and the countless others,who post all these boss sounds,take a well deserved bow...about right ******* now!!And give yerselves a decent pat on the back,for sharing some great memories.I've been collecting records,memorabilia,etc since Xmas 1970,having just celebrated my 41st last month.Look forward to checking out more of your great posts in the new future!!Cheers John

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask


One of the reasons I laid low on the forum for a few months, apart from the issues with megaupload, was the lack of support for those who go to the trouble of providing the music on here, which you get for FREE, not being acknowledged with a simple 'thankyou". Quite frankly I was a bit over the lack of courtesy.

Now we have new members Cliff & Brian rejuvenating the forum, as well as long time contibutors Sunshine, Deutros, Ozzie Music Man, Guy etc all contributing some fantastic posts either here or via their own blogs, again to little or no response. I know myself from my own recent posts that you are out there taking adavantage of our time & good faith. Darryl Cotton's "Best Seat In The House" has had 30 downloads, Johnny O'keefe's "Rockin' With" has had 28 downloads & Bandstand 10.

And yet the first 2 mentioned got one response each..that's all!!

So please, it takes up a lot of time to rip vinyl, de-click, often manually which is very slow to remove crackles & pops, create the artwork & then upload a post on to the forum, with track details, a bit of history & such. So will you please consider that next time you see a post you like.

It only takes a moment, indeed seconds to write 'Thank you". Not just a general one in this thread either, but on most if not all of the music threads you download from. It will be very much appreciated I can assure you, and we won't perhaps feel we are being taken advantage of & the forum can again continue as one big, hopefully happy family

Thanks for your consideration


Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

"You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone". Thanks for all the time and effort that has gone into putting this site together. As an aussie living in Cornwall UK it's been a musical lifeline and enabled me to listen to the music i grew up with and love dearly.Glad you are back.

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

just found this forum searching for shona laing & so happy i did. trawling thru the archives as we speak & hope to contribute a few things myself sometime. thanks for being

Re: A thankyou or a please is all we ask

Could not agree more - and it's a mantra that I've always followed. Struck the same thing on my blog and it's one of the main reasons I've recently shut it down - although I only posted a couple of songs per post, the downloads were very high and the comments by those downloading were very few. It takes half a minute to say thank for the tracks and yet most people are too lazy to do so. I rarely download myself, but I'm always a thanker when I do. I keep an eagle eye out for members of this blog's requests for anything I may have, but I don't upload unless I see something amongst those requests - mainly because I have such limited upload sites (my blog uploads took care of most of my upload capacity.