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If you want to upload an album or songs to this section of the site, please ensure that it's not already on a physically available CD or one that's slated for future release on CD. By that we mean the actual Disc with artwork and packaging which you can physically hold in your hands.

To check on that availability, most often but not always on independent labels, the best sources  are reputable music traders like JB Hi Fi, Sydney's Red Eye Records & Timewarp's mail order division and for major label releases only, Sanity. Also check an artist's or a record label's online website ie Aztec Music, Raven or Canetoad Records. If you're still unsure then please ASK as someone is sure to know.

The minimum bitrate to upload at is 256kbps but must be 320 if ripping the music yourself.  Lower bit rates may only be accepted if there truly is no other option ie you are a 2nd or 3rd party . Many would disagree, but it's sometimes better to have something of extreme rarity in poor quality than not at all. But again ask if someone has a better rip before uploading your inferior one.

Artwork is highly desired but not a pre-requisite when uploading as someone in the group may be able to provide it later if you can't e.g. you have no scanner. However in all cases when posting an album in the discussion forum, please let us know if the CD art is included or not. If it is then is it

(a) the full artwork CD ready ie front & back cover scans, any gatefold inserts and tray insert. For best results we recommend scanning all 4 corners of L.P. covers before stitching so all information on the cover is available.
(b) just front & back only with no tray insert
(c) or just front cover scan only. The latter is to be discouraged completely unless you intend providing the back scan later. In which case wait till then & upload both.

ALWAYS: If providing art, please also list it as A SEPARATE LINK even if it is included with the main music file. This is so that others who only need the art don't have to download 80-100 mg of music they already own to get it.

Lastly, we appreciate that some here do have difficulty in stitching the scans together, so it is initially acceptable to upload unstitched scans. Someone may help & do the job for you, uploading these at a later stage. However it is strongly suggested that you keep practicing your own skills .

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Re: Album Requests

Would anyone have any Cyril B Bunter recordings they could upload? A fave band from back in the day....

Request for Goodbye Mothership by Horsehead

I've tried here previously for this album without success, so thought I would have another go. Although it is from the nineties, the members are ex Boom Crash Opera, Serious Young Insects, Uncanny X-Men from the eighties. So I hope it is within guidelines.

This album appears not to be currently available except on Ebay secondhand. Does anyone have it or know where it might be available?


Re: Request for Goodbye Mothership by Horsehead

As all members were active in high profile bands of the 80's mcphert it certainly is within guidelines

In fact I'd like to hear this one myself as I used to often pop down to see them at the Mordialloc pub in the mid 90's..and despite their pop band pedigree, they couldn't have been more different musiocally. In fact they were one of the best hard rock bands out there at the time

Here's hoping someone has it



Re: Request for Goodbye Mothership by Horsehead

mcphert1 and mick I have this but it is only at 192kbps if you want I can post it or I'll wait and see if someone has it at a higher bitrate it has no artwork either I do have the mother ship CDS though.

Re: Request for Goodbye Mothership by Horsehead

Thanks Deutros

Being of relatively recent vintage compared to much that is on here, I think we might hold out for a 320 kbps copy of the Horsehead album with artwork. It's sure to turn up soon I'm sure

Not that I don't apprciate the offer, but I'm sure you know that

Cheers & thanks again mate


The Church - Temperature Drop in Downtown Winterland (1982)

Does anyone know anything about this record or perhaps have it to share? I would be grateful for either.

Re: The Church - Temperature Drop in Downtown Winterland (1982)

Does anyone know anything about this record or perhaps have it to share? I would be grateful for either.

A kind person has supplied this now, but I wonder if anyone has the art from the 10" album?


Can anybody help me with Shane Howard's "River" album? I've looked everywhere to buy it but it appears to be out of print.

Hey Island

I recently posted Shane Howard's 'River' album on my blog if you are still looking for it.


PS> Thought it was funny to see an 'Island' looking for a 'River' - if your'e looking for a 'Mountain' I can accomodate also as I'm a big Leslie West fan


Thanks for the Shane Howard - River album, Guy

I wasn't the requester but I had been looking for it.

Re: Album Requests

There is a post here for Cyril B just do a search

Re: ALBUMS REQUESTS - The Picture Show Man

Was there ever a Soundtrack album released for the Aussie movie "The Picture Show Man"?

I know there was a related single released. If anyone has this it would be appreciated too....

Re: ALBUMS REQUESTS - The Picture Show Man

The 45 single - Tap Tap (John Mellion & John Ewart) - is listed on our co.reader - Tom Mix' - blog - tommixmusic.blogspot.



Re: ALBUMS REQUESTS - The Picture Show Man

Thanks John...

I was aware of this but unfortunately the link for that track is down....




Hi all.
I just noticed the banner at the bottom of the page advertising The Masters Apprentices re-release on Aztec, which reminded me of a song I loved in my teens, and still do.

"Future of Our Nation" was an early 70's hit for the Masters Apprentices and I understand it was originally released on a live album? although I've never seen or heard it.

Is this slated for re-release also?


Mik Mak the LP in question is "Nickelodeon" 1971 the CD copy I have was released on Ascension Records in 1999. Not sure it's still available I wouldn't think so. Not sure if it's on Aztec future releases or not.

Looking for Kevin Borich "Lonely One" and/or "Goin Down Town" 2 CD Compilation

Hi all,

I have seen mention of these LPs on this site but haven't been able to find a download linky.

I'm really after kevin Borich's Lonely One but I know that it was released as a 2 CD set with Celebration.

Can anyone help out?



Happy New Year!

I'm looking for the Jon English live album "Beating the Boards".

The song with the same name can be found here (downloaded it - thanks!), but it would be great to find the whole album. There was a thread earlier where someone asked, and got a reply that it was available on CD at JB, but those posts are from 2008, and as I looked now JB (or anyone else) don't seem to have it anymore.

I believe there might be two different versions of the album: the Australian (from 1982?) and the Scandinavian (from 1984). The song "Beating the Boards" at least seems to have been a different version on the Scandinavian album from the Aussie one. Also, on the Scandinavian LP is a track where Jon & the Fossies teach the audience to say "G'day! How're ya goin'", which I can imagine would have been replaced with another version on the Aussie LP.

The Scandinavian LP has never been released on CD as far as I know, and since the Aussie CD (or LP for that matter) doesn't seem to be around anymore I wonder if these would be eligible for uploads here?

Does anyone have either of them? I would be interested in both if they're different from one another.

Also interested in John Dallimore's album "Buddy Pinball", which I can't find anywhere either right now.

Any help would be appreciated!


Mik Mak - the last time I looked, "Nickelodeon" was still available on Amazon, at the following link:

Hope its still there.
Happy new year

Re: Looking for Kevin Borich "Lonely One" and/or "Goin Down Town" 2 CD Compilation

Hey TasMacca

You will find Borich's 'Lonely One' on Deutros's Blog entitled "Friday On My Mind"

see http://mymusicrip.blogspot.com/


Hey Mik Mak

If Amazon don't have Nickelodeon, then Redeye Records in Sydney certainly have it and can be purchased at



I'm trying to track down a copy (preferably from CD, even though I believe it is a needledrop anyway) of JON ENGLISH, ENGLISH HISTORY.

Been looking everywhere for an OOP CD copy, but to no avail. :(


Jae & Marina, according to his website, Jon's "English History", and several other titles (including "Beating The Boards" Marina) are still available at Jon's gigs


That won't help you Marina as you are overseas, but if you both go to their contact page, it seems they should also be able to help you with the albums you want. But that precludes these being uploaded here sorry

Good luck & let me know how you go please



Thanks micko - just sent a message off to "Jon's Assistant" and we'll see how it goes (there's no planned gigs near me).


Thanks for the link, Micko! There seems to be a lot of interesting stuff on that site.

Sent a message to Jon's assistant, so Jae, let's see what we get in reply!

I'll post as soon as I hear anything.



wondering if anyone has any 'Home' albums featuring
Glyn mason

REQUEST Stand - Closed Doors 1995

Stand - Closed Doors 1995

Nineties Melbourne band STAND.
Leader: guitarist Paul Drennan.
Looking for their (indie?) release 'Closed Doors' 1995
Long time out of print as far I know
info: http://nla.gov.au/nla.cs-ma-an13120451

Thanks in advance


yes i have a cd copy of english history which i can rip and upload.. it has less tracks than the double LP version though.


Rec'd a response from "Jon's assistant": "English History is now available on I-Tunes."

Sooo....I managed to find a new/sealed CD copy on amazon.com for less than $20, so bought it there instead.

For anyone interested, yes, it is a needledrop. But not a bad one.

Re: REQUEST Stand - Closed Doors 1995

Hi verbatim

Sorry mate but Stand & it's band members are a few years outside our focus area which is the Aussie rock scene prior to 1990

True,we have allowed post 1990 albums on here but only by those who were recording before that cut off point

If you were to leave an email address perhaps someone could contact you off list if they have it & can help you. The other alternative would be to try Ausrock 2

Sorry we can't be of more help than that

Good luck



Hi, Jae!

If "English History" is available on iTunes rips would be off the menu here, I guess. (but thanks L seven for offering!). And you were lucky to find it elsewhere anyway.

Good thing you got a reply from Jon's assistant - I haven't had one to my question about "Beating the Boards" yet, but I sent mine a bit later than you, so fingers crossed....!



i am just browsing this site i have these vynyl records if you are interested in them if this post is still valid


Spy V Spy are one major 80's act who's work we still are sadly lacking in glen2351

So anything you can offer would be very much gratefully recieved

Thanks for the resonse & offer mate




I have the Marc William self titled from 75 and his 77 NZ lp


I have the IceHouse 'Big Wheel' Cd

Re: Kerrie Ann Kennel!

I have the kerri Anne kennelly Lp on Dino records, is that the one??

Re: Joe Hasham

I have this in my collection


I have these ones, they are hilarious


I am chasing an album which is lond out of print by MIKE BRADY called Winners & Sinners.
Can anyone help me with this album please?


Can somebody upload:

The Sound of Sandy LP from 1966/67 as pictured here: http://www.ashack.co.nz/nzmusic/images/JohnPickworth/Sound%20of%20Sandy.jpg

also, can somebody upload "the sound of The Chicks" as pictured here: http://www.sergent.com.au/music/soundofthechicks.jpg

and "The Chicks Second Album" as pictured here: http://www.sergent.com.au/music/chicks%20-%202nd%20album.jpg

some scans of the covers would be nice, but are not a must.


I have both of Mark Williams solos Lps from NZ in the seventies here in Sydney.

Re: Kerrie Ann Kennel!

I have this Lp on vinyl, it was her only Lp if i remember correctly.
Dino records, black cover


The album I am sure is 'Mushroom" 5th anniversary Lp from 197*(?) it had all their stars plus The jam, who were touring at the time.
I shall check as i have the vinyly, it is a Dbl LP.


Scribble were a group made up of then.cuurent husband/wife team, Todd Hunter/Joanne Pigget.
I have both Lps and the EP they released.
Not available on Cd at all. It was released on Axle Records about 93. They had a monior hit with "Red Bikini Girl' and did a PUNK veriosn of 'My City of Sydney' which was used as a clsing theme by Channel 7 in the late sixities/early seventies. That single along is impossible to find anywhere.

Re: All Australian Hit Parade

I'm trying to locate a copy of a very old Aussie album from about 1960/61 called "All Australian Hit Parade", which came out on the Rex label.

A mainly want it for the 2 tracks by Candy Williams & The Dew-etts on which they were backed by a young Billy Green, then a member of The Raiders. These will be the final 2 missing pieces of Billy's discography

A big ask but very worthwhile if we can find a copy as it also has exclusive tracks by Noeleen Batley, Judy Cannon, Patty Markham, the excellent Wilma Reading, Margaret Hooper, Pam Liversidge, Bix Bryant & Johnny Byrell

So here's hoping SOMEONE can help

Thanks guys & gals


Re: Early Nick Barker

I hope someone might be able to help me find some early albums from this top under rated artist, mainly Goin' To Pieces or any of his early solo works, I have After The Show & Loose, thanks very much all.

I`ve got hold of his Returned Service, Backyard Six and his latest from Hired Goons but can`t find much else.

Any help, greatly appreciated.

Apologies for the revive, but have only just stumbled upon this cubby in the www

At JB you can also get C-Sides (if you were only getting one I'd say this is the pick) and Annie Get Your Guru.

Having said all that - here's three more for your collection:

Someone Like You

D amn Mermaids! (apologies for bypassing the swear filter there).

Can't get my hands on the artwork atm - physical discs are in storage (*somewhere* ).

Cheers Noddy.


I fully understand the rules about not asking for albums which are in print and I am pretty sure that all SPLIT ENZ remasters from a few years ago (2006-2007) must still be in print in both New Zealand and Australia, however none of them were ever issued in any form here in the USA and they will never be released in the USA.
I already have seven of the ten.
The three I do not have and are looking for are:
1 - 'Frenzy' (which seems to have been fully-remixed and expanded)
2 - 'Conflicting Emotions' (I am not sure if this has any bonus tracks)
3 - 'See Ya 'Round' (This seems to have one bonus track)
So if it is acceptable to ask for these, I would very much appreciate any help with getting these three. And if it is not acceptable, I understand.

And since I am asking, I am also looking for one more SPLIT ENZ album that was never ever released here and I am lead to understand was never released anywhere outside New Zealand/Australia. It is the 2007 2-CD 28-Track Limited Edition of 'Rootin Tootin Luton Tapes'.

Once again, if these are not proper to ask after, apologies. But as they never were released here and never will be released here I thought I would at least ask.

Thank You In Advance No Matter What Happens.


The 2 CD edition of the Luton Tapes wasn't even publicly released here. It was only ever released to the Frenz of the Enz fan club. The 2nd CD would be the only thing on your list that might be eligible.


Actually - there is a small number available (now as few as 3 copies) from www.frenz.com for US$30.


if anyone has the albums or just a song or two from the bands below i would appreciate very much. all are NZ Bands,
Street talk
Dizzy Limits
The Tigers
Kal-q-lated Risk or the Risk "in Australia"
The Dedikation
The Link
Beaver or Beaver Storm"live at Ronnie Scotts"
The Narcs/Coconut Rough "joint album"
The Avengers
The Rumour
Hogsnort Ruppert

Any of the old Loxene golden disc's recordings

There was a post somewhere wanting Highway "NZ" Band This has just been re-released in NZ, Good news i think.

If theres some kiwi's out there who have an album or a song from the kiwi Psych rock era maybe you could email me,



This has to be 'Concert of The Decade' 1979 Mushroom records (Dbl) LP. Concert was held to celebrate the end of the seventies ofr Mushroom, Concert was also filmed. Clips can be found on YouTube BUT not the whole concert. No idea if it was even relased onto video, NO DVD at all has ever emerged of this concert.

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