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Tina Arena - Strong As Steel (Original album)

As requested by Nick in the albums request thread, here is Tina Arena's 1990 debut album to which I have added her 1985 Brian Cadd produced debut single "Turn Up The Beat b/w Dreamer"

Despite Cadd's backing as writer, producer & having it issued on his own Graffiti Records label, that dance/pop single, coming out straight after Tina had finished on YTT was, as may have been expected, a failure at chart level, as had been so many other singles by YTT performers as they entered the adult world.

Not to be deterred, Tina simply spent the next few years fronting (I think, from memory), the Network Horns as a Melbourne night club, honing and polishing her performance skills at her weekly appearances.

By 1990, she was ready to tackle the adult music world and boy did she arrive with a bang as her 2nd single, a catchy dance number called "I Need Your Body" announced a still tiny, but undeniably grown up Tina who had, seemingly grown rather large breasts overnight which became the focus of much attention. Needless to say the suggestiveness of the lyrics coupled with the Tina's heaving cleavage in the video clip to the song, created all the publicity needed to catapult the former Tiny Tina straight to #1 on the charts. I shouldn't forget to mention Tina's undeniable vocal talents were also well in evidence on this track

The single was followed by 2 further hits, "The Machine's Breaking Down" was in a similar dance/pop vein made and Top 25 & the album's Dianne Warren written title track did even better, raeching the Top 20 around most of Oz. It was a fine choice as it gave Tina a wider base to work from, the song being more in the pop/rock vein than the previous 2 singles & was a definite highlight of the album.

This album was issued at the same time and also did well, making the Top 20 and awarding Tina her first gold record album. Produced by Ross Inglis (of Peter Cupples band etc) who also wrote several songs including the 1st 2 hits, the album again provides an even wider musical base for Tina to work from.

Highlights are the tougher rock edge on the song "Rumour Has It" featuring some nice guitar work by Ross, the dance/rock of 4th single "Woman's Work" and the big ballad "I'll Be Here" which the then 21 year old Tina proved she could already handle with aplomb. Likewise her version of Stevie Wonder's ."I Believe (When I Fall in Love It Will Be Forever)" is very good.

Not all of the songs are great, including for me, those 1st 2 singles ( ) but it is a good, solid, diverse first album (unless you count her "Tiny Tina & Little John" album with fellow YTT'er John Bowles) which still utitilizes a dance/pop format as a base for much of the album. Tina herself is in scitillating vocal form, with several showcases to give her big voice maximum exposure.

Some of the guest on the album included Linda George, Mike Brady & Ross Hannaford on backing vocals, Steve Williams from Farnham's band on Harmonica & jazz notable Bob Venier who's flugel horn, along with Hannaford's vocals, uplifts the funky but potentially mundane "For The Sake Of Talking" to a more than listenable level

Tina always put this album down when she staged another comeback with her own songs that took her on to world fame. While this certainly hasn't anything like the magnificent "Chains" on it, her put down was perhaps a little unfair as these songs were aimed at her own agegroup at the time, while dipping a toe in the adult worlds of ballad and rock.

She was particularly critical of the managers who had her 'get her **** out' to kick start her career. It was duly noted though that when that international attention was not as big as forecast in the US nor as quick as desired with her Don't Ask album, that Tina was soon disrobing again to help publicise her next international album co-produced by Foreigner's Mick Jones. But that seemed to be OK. I don't see the diff..???it's still using sex to sell a product no matter who's idea it was.

Anyway, back to this one. Following her intial international success, this album was re-issued with the same title but with totally differnt artwork and only the 4 singles remained from the original CD. The rest were at best, Tina's early songwriting efforts and demos that Tina had recorded prior to her 2nd album. The other 7 tracks, plus the 2 extended remixes were all jettisoned and have not been heard since the original album was released in 1990/91.

So here they all are again:

MUSIC Ripped from dleted CD at 320 kbps + ARTWORK:


ARTWORK ONLY (Including artwork for 1985 Single):


If you don't set your expectations too high, there are several pleasures to be found on this album & more than enough evidence of the big things to come for Tina Arena

Cheers, please enjoy


Re: Tina Arena - Strong As Steel (Original album)

Thanks Micko
Fairly light weight album but certainly one or two listenable tracks.


Re: Tina Arena - Strong As Steel (Original album)

Micko, thanks man ... a great little Ozzie talent


Re: Tina Arena - Strong As Steel (Original album)

BIG thanks for this Micko- and the Turn Up The Beat single!
Really appreciate it.
It is so much better than the re-released version.


Re: Tina Arena - Strong As Steel (Original album)

Thanks Micko.

This is not a bad first up album from Tina. Used to have it on cassette so really good to get it back again. Thanks for the bonus too. Cheers

Re: Tina Arena - Strong As Steel (Original album)

Hey Micko, thanks for this album. What a hoot and that song "I Need Your Body" sure does sound like an ABBA tune going full throttle. No surprise the Europeans cracked on to Tina and claimed her.

Re: Tina Arena - Strong As Steel (Original album)

Can somebody reupload it please? I'm looking for its bonus tracks!! Thanx..

Re: Tina Arena - Strong As Steel (Original album)

Get onto it over the weekend ocram977

Had a couple of requests before you sorry



Re: Tina Arena - Strong As Steel (Original album)

Don't worry: I can wait...thanx so much!

Re: Tina Arena - Strong As Steel (Original album)

...Still waiting!!!!!


Re: Tina Arena - Strong As Steel (Original album)

Hi Micko, I'd love to have a listen to this one also... Regards Cliff

Re: Tina Arena - Strong As Steel (Original album)

Hi Micko please remember upload it...expecially the bonus meterial, thanx in advance!!!

Re: Tina Arena - Strong As Steel (Original album)

Have you seen a send-up of Tina Arena's I Need Your Body music video with Gina Riley as Tina on Fast Forward before? You got to check this send-up out on YouTube.

Re: Tina Arena - Strong As Steel (Original album)

No I didn't...I'll check it, thanx!

Hope somebody will reupload the bonus material!

Re: Tina Arena - Strong As Steel (Original album)


Re: Tina Arena - Strong As Steel (Original album)

Thank you so much!!!!

Re: Tina Arena - Strong As Steel (Original album)

Hey, I was wondering if this is still available? Thanks