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Jith Durham & The Seekers - Future Road

Much to the delight of fans worldwide, and to mark 25 years since they had disbanded, Australia's original Seekers reformed in 1993 to record a brand new single, release yet another hits collection "The Silver Jubilee Album" & best of all, a reunion tour which saw sellout shows & many extra dates added in Australia & later in the UK

This new flurry of activity saw the album reach #3 on the ARIA Charts scoring a double platinum certification & becoming the 3rd biggest Aussie album of the year. Retitled "A Carnival of Hits" for the UK, it also made #4 there as well & it was likewise a double platinum success in New Zealand

The tour was also recorded & released as the live album "25 Year Reunion Celebration" which also recahed The Australian Top 10. They then continued to tour through 1994 & 1995 when they undertook a full scale British tour.

Meantime on the recording front, "The Seekers Complete", a digitally remastered 5 CD Box Set was issued in 1996 containing the group's complete recordings plus some unreleased rarities. Despite it's hefty price tag (around $50.00) it too reached a very respectable #17 on ARIA's chart

1997 saw the group sign a new contract with their old label EMI which saw the recording of a 2nd new single "Far Shore / Hey Hey Hey" and a big media onslaught. A 3CD set "Treasure Chest" comprising remastered re-issues of 2 much loved original Seekers albums "Seekers Seen in Green" and "Live at The Talk of the Town" plus a 3rd disc with the single & an interview, also became a Top 10 success to the amazement of many, peaking at #7.

Then came what many had been hoping for, a completely brand new album which was issued in time for Xmas in November 1997. This is that album, which despite the lack of support from Australian radio, again proved that the Seekers were as popular as ever by soaring up to the #4 position on ARIA Charts & charting throughout & beyond the Yule period fro 3 months

Produced by Charles Fisher, then riding high on the international successful of Savage Garden, it saw Judith & The Seekers subtly update their sound, with the addition of the judicious use of electric guitar, more prominent drums & percussion. But still with those acoustic guitars just as prominent as they were in those halcyon days of the 60's.

Rather surprisingly, Bruce Woodley, who had long been acknowledged as the group's main songwriter, only contributed 2 songs plus music to Henry Lawson's "The Bush Girl", one of the album's highlights along with the cruisey country rock of "Amazing". Keith Potger provides the bulk of the new material including the excellent eco themed 2nd single & title song from the album. Judith also chimes in with a couple of excellent originals, they being the albums lead single "Calling Me Home" & the touching closing track "It's Hard To Leave". Meantime the group combine to provide the music & new lyrics on a stunning version of the traditional "The Shores Of Avalon"

To these originals are added a nice take on Buddy Holly standard "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" & perhaps even more surprisingly, Rick Springfield's "Speak To The Sky" is also given the Seekers treatment.

As a bonus I have added the 4 sides of those 2 singles released prior to the album as well as their live version of Bruce Woodley's superb would-be Australian National Anthem "I Am Australian", to complete the picture of The Seekers in the 90's

Needless to say as recent performances confirm, Judith is in stunning vocal form throughout, the voice as crystal clear as ever but still capable of hollerin' gospel style on songs like "Keep a Dream in Your Pocket". But to have the boys unique harmonies again accompany her lead, makes it much more special

MUSIC (Ripped at 320 kbps from deleted CD) & ARTWORK:


ARTWORK ONLY (Thanks to Ozzie Music Man for originals which I have adapted to accomodate the bonus tracks)


If you've ever enjoyed the Seekers &/or Judith Durham, even though there are subtle updates to their sound here, I have no doubt you will like this just as much

So as always, ENJOY



Re: Jith Durham & The Seekers - Future Road

Hi Mick is there any chance that you could post another link I've been trying to download this ever since you posted it but had no luck it keeps stalling at 2%


Re: Jith Durham & The Seekers - Future Road

Hi Deutros

I see there have been 18 downloads of the Seekers file, not that anybody has left any thanks as yet which is a bit disappointing, but sadly not unusual I suppose. Has anyone else had a problem getting it to download as I just tried it & the link was working for me

I did try to re-upload it, but it was over & done in a few seconds so it may be a problem from their end

Perhaps give it another try Deutros & if the problem persists, consult your doctor.

Whoops wrong forum

But yes, let me know please & I'll try again later if needs be

I do have another to upload anyway. Perhaps I'll see if that one works any better

Cheers guys


Re: Jith Durham & The Seekers - Future Road

Still no luck mick still stalls at 2 to 3 % have made at least a dozen attempts since the otherday even changed browsers .

Re: Jith Durham & The Seekers - Future Road

No probs Deutros, I'll provide another link tomorrow mate

'nite folx


Re: Jith Durham & The Seekers - Future Road

Sorry for the delay Deutros, had an 18th Birthday party for twin nephews to organize. I doubt we'll be playing any Midoz music tonight

Here's a new link for the Seekers album "Future Road" Hope you have more success with this one mate




Re: Jith Durham & The Seekers - Future Road

Thanks for the new link Mick had 3 more unsucessful attempts yesterday all 3 stalling at 2% but today wham bam down it came in about 5 minutes listening to it now.


Re: Jith Durham & The Seekers - Future Road

Well that is a relief Deutros. It seemed to upload in record time & I wondered if it had in fact completed. But with an 18th birthday party to help organize for my newphws last night, I hadn't had a chance to test it

Anyway, all's well that ends well. The original music link has now been removed



Re: Jith Durham & The Seekers - Future Road

Sorry Micko i know i should say thank you more but i often forget to say so, this is a great site and keep the music flowing!!

Re: Jith Durham & The Seekers - Future Road

Micko, thanks for this one and a Happy New Year to all!