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If you want to upload an album or songs to this section of the site, please ensure that it's not already on a physically available CD or one that's slated for future release on CD. By that we mean the actual Disc with artwork and packaging which you can physically hold in your hands.

To check on that availability, most often but not always on independent labels, the best sources  are reputable music traders like JB Hi Fi, Sydney's Red Eye Records & Timewarp's mail order division and for major label releases only, Sanity. Also check an artist's or a record label's online website ie Aztec Music, Raven or Canetoad Records. If you're still unsure then please ASK as someone is sure to know.

The minimum bitrate to upload at is 256kbps but must be 320 if ripping the music yourself.  Lower bit rates may only be accepted if there truly is no other option ie you are a 2nd or 3rd party . Many would disagree, but it's sometimes better to have something of extreme rarity in poor quality than not at all. But again ask if someone has a better rip before uploading your inferior one.

Artwork is highly desired but not a pre-requisite when uploading as someone in the group may be able to provide it later if you can't e.g. you have no scanner. However in all cases when posting an album in the discussion forum, please let us know if the CD art is included or not. If it is then is it

(a) the full artwork CD ready ie front & back cover scans, any gatefold inserts and tray insert. For best results we recommend scanning all 4 corners of L.P. covers before stitching so all information on the cover is available.
(b) just front & back only with no tray insert
(c) or just front cover scan only. The latter is to be discouraged completely unless you intend providing the back scan later. In which case wait till then & upload both.

ALWAYS: If providing art, please also list it as A SEPARATE LINK even if it is included with the main music file. This is so that others who only need the art don't have to download 80-100 mg of music they already own to get it.

Lastly, we appreciate that some here do have difficulty in stitching the scans together, so it is initially acceptable to upload unstitched scans. Someone may help & do the job for you, uploading these at a later stage. However it is strongly suggested that you keep practicing your own skills .

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Dunno how I missed the fact that you had the new site until a cuppla days ago Deutros. But what a little goldmine you've created there

Many thanks. I've finished grabbing page 1 EP's, now for Page 2

A great job mate



Good to see you found your way there Mick. I am surprised that so few midozers have EP'S but then again maybe not as singles and albums seem to be the preferred format as there has never been a short supply of those.


Helo Woody just noticed you have "ID - Big Time Operator" and 'Purple Hearts - The Sound of The Purple Hearts' in your list you wouldn't have covers and labels for these would you missed them the first time as you had them as cdr.



The Axiom Hits - Cover & Label Scans

Are you interested in
Paul Kelly & The Dots first indie EP
The Sports - Fair Game indie EP
The Sports (UK Stiff Label EP - LAST 5)

I presume you already have the Daddy Cool DCEP fold out cover on Sparmac.


The Axiom Hits - Cover & Label Scans

Are you interested in
Paul Kelly & The Dots first indie EP
The Sports - Fair Game indie EP
The Sports (UK Stiff Label EP - LAST 5)

I presume you already have the Daddy Cool DCEP fold out cover on Sparmac.

Thanks for the Axiom Sunshine yes it would be great if you could post Paul Kelly & The Dots first indie EP and The Sports (UK Stiff Label EP - LAST 5) I have the other one so those 2 would be wonderful.


Thanks Stampy have grabbed the EP's.


Helo Woody just noticed you have "ID - Big Time Operator" and 'Purple Hearts - The Sound of The Purple Hearts' in your list you wouldn't have covers and labels for these would you missed them the first time as you had them as cdr.



this is the best i can do at the moment, The Shed is down at the moment so raided my archive DVD's.

Big Time Operator


The Sound of the Purple Hearts


can i take this post to thank you for the Ep's that you are sourcing, i have downloaded a couple already and will in turn find there way into my collection.

thanks very much




Many thanks Woody it looks like you have the same set of scans for the Purple Hearts as I do LOL nice to see the ID ones though, you wouldn't have the labels for either of these anywhere would you.

Cheers Mate.



i have better scans for the Purple Hearts in the Shed and maybe ???? label scans, but until i'm up and running again i am not sure. should be up in a couple of weeks ( hopefully ) been down for 3 weeks already :-)




Hey guys,just me again. I'm just wondering if (IF ONLY...) because it is not in it's complete form on the Raven Compilation is able to be posted,Thanks Again...Shane


Just posted Red Onion Jazz Band (Featuring Gerry Humphrys and Kim Lynch later to feature in the Loved Ones) and She's So Fine by the Easybeats on


and if anyone else has anything of the list would appreciate a link after a flurry at the beginning we seem to have stalled.


Well I can only speak for myself Deutros, but I found with EP's that because of the compression used to include 2 tracks on each side of the vinyl, when I cranked it up, as was my wont, I never could seem to get them loud enough compared to singles & L.P.'s Well not loud enough so the neighbours could hear

Especially if the sngs ran more than 2 minutes each. Not an Aussie example I know but I had a Joe Cocker EP. Can you imagine listening to Cocker's guttural scream at anything less than full roar? But it was such a quiet pressing he sounded more like a mouse because there was over 8 minutes of music on that side ofthe EP

So I stopped buying EP's there & then

But thanks again mate; with all the new technology available, this isn't such a problem now




I too have just started downloading a pile of your work. Thankyou for the tremendous effort. As always it is greatly appreciated.



I've posted this on the EP blog

Ray Columbus And The Art Collection - 1967 - Kick Me


Here is another EP Discography for Festival Records - OZ - 10,000 series

Johnny Devlin and The Devils: "Johnny Devlin Sings" (reissue of TCEP-001) TX-10,273

Johnny Devlin: G I G O L O (Festival FX-10,010)
Johnny Devlin: 1961 Devlin Sings Devlin (Festival FX-10,075)
Johnny Devlin: "Rock, Rock, Rock" (reissue of LEP-308) Leedon LX-10,319
Johnny Devlin Patty Markham Ray Melton Candy Williams: "Teenage Cabaret" Festival FX-10,339
Johnny Devlin: "Big Four" Festival FX-10,419
Johnny Devlin: "Twistin' At The Peppermint Lounge" Feb-1962 Festival FX-10,427
Johnny Devlin: "Stayin' Up Late" Dec-1963 Festival FX-10,726
Johnny Devlin: "Stomp The Tumbarumba" May-1964 Festival FX-10,777
Johnny Devlin: "Blue Suede Shoes" Dec-1964 Festival FX-10,842
Johnny Devlin: "Do It Right" Festival FX-10,821

The Leemen: Introducing The Leemen (Leedon LX-10,021)
The Leemen: "Leemen With Voices" Nov-1961 Leedon LX-10,364

Lonnie Lee: 1961 Frankfort Special (Leedon LX-10,022)
Lonnie Lee: Walkin' With Lonnie Lee (Leedon LX-10,119)
Lonnie Lee: "This Is Lonnie Lee" (reissue of LEP-312) Leedon LX-10,323
Lonnie Lee: "Lonnie's Golden Record" (reissue of LEP-315) Leedon LX-10,326
Lonnie Lee: "In The Middle Of An Island" Leedon LX-10,423
Lonnie Lee: "Sitting By The River" Apr-1962 Leedon LX-10,425

Johnny O'Keefe and The Dee Jays: You Excite Me (Festival FX-10,005)
Johnny O'Keefe and The Dee Jays: I'm Still Alive" (Festival FX-10,017)
Johnny O'Keefe and The Dee Jays: Yours Johnny (Festival FX-10,192) (reissue of FX-5081)
Johnny O'Keefe and The Dee Jays: Whole Lotta Shakin' (Festival FX-10,237)(reissue of FX-5148)
Johnny O'Keefe and The Dee Jays: "Six O'Clock Rock" (reissue of LEP-306) Leedon LX-10,318
Johnny O'Keefe and The Dee Jays: Shakin' At The Stadium (Festival FX-10,147) (reissue of FX-5002)
Johnny O'Keefe and The Dee Jays: "Six O'Clock Rock - Volume 2"Leedon LX-10,324 (reissue of LEP-313)
Johnny O'Keefe and The Dee Jays: "Six O'Clock Rock - Volume 3" (reissue of LEP-318) Leedon LX-10,329
Johnny O'Keefe and The Dee Jays: "I'm Counting On You" Sep-1961 Leedon LX-10,408
Johnny O'Keefe and The Dee Jays: "You Excite Me" (reissue of FX-10,005) Apr-1964 Leedon LX-10,679
Johnny O'Keefe and The Dee Jays: "Move Baby Move" Leedon LX-10,719

Johnny O'Keefe: 1961 Shakin' At The Stadium - Volume 2 (Leedon LX-10,118)
Johnny O'Keefe: 1962 Take My Hand (Leedon LX-10,121)
Johnny O'Keefe: 1961 Shout! (Leedon LX-10,135)
Johnny O'Keefe: "Jubilee" (reissue of LEP-311) Leedon LX-10,322
Johnny O'Keefe: "Right Now" Mar-1962 Leedon LX-10,421
Johnny O'Keefe: "Twistin' With J.O.K." Jan-1962 Leedon LX-10,422
Johnny O'Keefe: "More Twistin' With J.O.K." Apr-1962 Leedon LX-10,433
Johnny O'Keefe: "Sing" Leedon LX-10,528
Johnny O'Keefe: "Twistin' Time" Oct-1962 Leedon LX-10,529
Johnny O'Keefe: "I Thank You" Apr-1963 Leedon LX-10,628
Johnny O'Keefe: "So Tough" Leedon LX-10,730
Johnny O'Keefe: "J O'K Live" (reissue of FX-10,147) Festival FX-10,731
Johnny O'Keefe: "Move, Baby, Move" Dec-1963 Leedon LX-10,733
Johnny O'Keefe: "Just A Closer Walk With Thee" Leedon LX-10,762
Johnny O'Keefe: "Sing, Sing, Sing" Dec-1963 Leedon LX-10,766
Johnny O'Keefe: "Shake, Baby, Shake" May-1964 Leedon LX-10,778
Johnny O'Keefe: "Don't Be Cruel" Jun-1964 Festival FX-10,788
Johnny O'Keefe: "My Heart Belongs To Only You" Jul-1964 Leedon LX-10,806.
Johnny O'Keefe: "A Girl Needs To Love And Be Loved" Leedon LX-10,807
Johnny O'Keefe: "She Wears My Ring" Aug-1964 Leedon LX-10,823
Johnny O'Keefe: "The New Shout" Nov-1964 Leedon LX-10,843
Johnny O'Keefe: "Rock And Roll Will Stand" Feb-1965 Leedon LX-10,920.
Johnny O'Keefe: "Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go" Mar-1965 Leedon LX-10,933
Johnny O'Keefe: "Rock, Rock, Rock - Record 3" Dec-1964 Leedon XX-10,888 (Triple EP Set)
Johnny O'Keefe: "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" Leedon LX-10,944.

The Dee Jays: "Steppin' Out" (reissue of LEP-6301) Leedon LX-10,317
The Dee Jays: "Off Shore And Toy Balloons" Coral CX-10,640
The Dee Jays: "Big Daddy" Leedon LX-10,709

Barry Stanton: "Barry Stanton Sings" (reissue of LEP-6302) Leedon LX-10,316
Barry Stanton: "Teenage Idol" Nov-1961 Leedon LX-10,363
Barry Stanton: "Little Miss Heartbreak" Nov-1963 Leedon LX-10,706

Dig Richards: "Ain't She Sweet" (reissue of RE-1004) Rex RX-10,330
Dig Richards: "At The Melbourne Town Hall" (reissue of RE-1010) Rex RX-10,334
Dig Richards: "Dig's Big Four" Apr-1961 Rex RX-10,338
Dig Richards: "You Gotta Love Me" Festival FX-10,359
Dig Richards: "Gets Out Of The Groove" Jul-1962 Festival FX-10,439

The Delltones: "Diggin' With The Delltones" (reissue of LEP-310) Leedon LX-10,321
The Delltones: "Come A Little Bit Closer + 3" Jul-1963 Leedon LX-10,656
The Delltones: "Get A Little Dirt On Your Hands" Leedon LX-10,572
The Delltones: "Yes Indeed" Leedon LX-10,573
The Delltones: "Tonight" Leedon LX-10,574
The Delltones: "Sitting In The Moonlight" Leedon LX-10,720
The Delltones: "Hangin' Five" Nov-1963 Leedon LX-10,764
The Delltones: "Shutdown Stomp" Apr-1964 Leedon LX-10,782
The Delltones: "Out The Back" Leedon LX-10,831
The Delltones: "Walkin' Along" Feb-1965 Leedon LX-10,910
The Delltones: "Hey Girl, Don't Bother Me" Leedon LX-10,953

The Joy Boys: Istanbul (Festival FX-10,054)
The Joy Boys: 1962 Joy Boy's Big Four (Festival FX-10,125)
The Joy Boys: Rockin' With The Joy Boys (Festival FX-10,126)
The Joy Boys: "Waltz Of The Flowers" Festival FX-10,587
The Joy Boys: "Lover's Guitar" Jul-1962 Festival FX-10,438
The Joy Boys: "Southern 'Rora" Jun-1962 Festival FX-10,500
The Joy Boys: "The Joy Boys Hits" Jan-1965 Festival FX-10,705
The Joy Boys: "This Is The Joy Boys" Festival FX-10,741
The Joy Boys: "Murphy The Surfie" Festival FX-10,771
The Joy Boys: "Stomp Party" Festival FX-10,897
The Joy Boys: "Surf Party" Mar-1965 Festival FX-10,898

Col Joye and The Joy Boys: The Big Four (Festival FX-10,097)
Col Joye and The Joy Boys: 1962 Hitsville (Festival FX-10,127)
Col Joye and The Joy Boys: 1961 Sings For Boys And Girls (Festival FX-10,128)
Col Joye and The Joy Boys: Sweet Beat (Festival FX-10,190) (reissue of FX-5074)
Col Joye and The Joy Boys: The Big Four (Festival FX-10,241)(reissue of FX-5154)
Col Joye and The Joy Boys: Say Mama (Festival FX-10,242) (reissue of FX-5155)
Col Joye and The Joy Boys: Say Mama (Festival FX-10,242) (reissue of FX-5155)
Col Joye and The Joy Boys: Gone Rockin' (Festival FX-10,2690) (reissue of FX-5193)
Col Joye and The Joy Boys: "Yes Sir, That's My Baby" Nov-1961 Festival FX-10,383
Col Joye and The Joy Boys: "Fraulein" Jan-1963 Festival FX-10,530
Col Joye and The Joy Boys: "You Win Again" Festival FX-10,531
Col Joye and The Joy Boys: "Be Bop A Lula" Mar-1964 Festival FX-10,736
Col Joye and The Joy Boys: "Rock Around The Clock" Jul-1964 Festival FX-10,767
Col Joye and The Joy Boys: "Shake Rattle And Roll" Apr-1964 Festival FX-10,784
Col Joye and The Joy Boys: "All Shook Up" Festival FX-10,785

Col Joye: "Walk On By" Mar-1962 Festival FX-10,432
Col Joye: "Sweet Little Sixteen Twist" Apr-1962 Festival FX-10,447
Col Joye: "Salutes Australia" Jan-1963 Festival FX-10,570
Col Joye: "Congratulations" Festival FX-10,580
Col Joye: "Col's Hits" Festival FX-10,715
Col Joye: "Gonna Leave Tomorrow" Aug-1964 Festival FX-10,826

Judy Stone: "I'll Get By" Festival FX-10,534
Judy Stone: "I'll Step Down" Festival FX-10,550
Judy Stone: "Finders Keepers" Aug-1963 Festival FX-10,602
Judy Stone: "Once In A While" Festival FX-10,606
Judy Stone: "I Cried" Festival FX-10,749
Judy Stone: "4,003,221 Tears From Now" 1964 Festival FX-10,896
Judy Stone: "Break My Heartbreak" Mar-1965 Festival FX-10,913

Col Joye and Judy Stone: "The I's Have It" Festival FX-10,603
Col Joye and Judy Stone: "Clap Your Hands" Apr-1963 Ampar MX-10,623

Jimmy Little: Jimmy Little Sings Ballads With A Beat (Festival FX-10,220)
Jimmy Little: Whispering Hope (Festival FX-10,243) (reissue of FX-5156)
Jimmy Little: "Too Many Parties And Too Many Pals" Nov-1961 Festival FX-10,365
Jimmy Little: "Big Four" Jun-1962 Festival FX-10,418
Jimmy Little: "The Way Of The Cross" Festival FX-10,436
Jimmy Little: "Royal Telephone" Festival FX-10,763
Jimmy Little: "Old Time Religion" Festival FX-10,783
Jimmy Little: "One Road" Festival FX-10,797
Jimmy Little: "Eternally" Festival FX-10,952

Lucky Starr and The Hepparays: Sentimental Journey (Festival FX-10,226) (reissue of FX-5137)
Lucky Starr: "Starring Lucky Starr" Festival FX-10,358
Lucky Starr: "Lucky's Been Everywhere" Festival FX-10,485
Lucky Starr: "Mule Skinner Blues" Festival FX-10,746
Lucky Starr: "The Three Trees" Dec-1964 Festival FX-10,973

Johnny Rebb and The Rebels: "Highway Of Love" (reissue of LEP-309) Leedon LX-10,320
Johnny Rebb: "Hits It For Six" (reissue of LEP-317) Leedon LX-10,328

Warren Williams: "A Star Fell From Heaven" Mar-1962 Leedon LX-10,424
Warren Williams: Shy Guy (Festival FX-10,259) (reissue of FX-5172)
Warren Williams: "Warren Williams Sings Famous Tenor Songs" Festival FX-10,553
Warren Williams: "Speak To Me Of Love" Leedon LX-10,723
Warren Williams: "It's Party Time" Leedon LX-10,804

Rob E.G.: "Rob E.G. Sings Country And Western Songs" Festival FX-10,527
Rob E.G.: "Si Senor" Festival FX-10,544
Rob E.G.: "5-4-3-2-1 Zero" Festival FX-10,610
Rob E.G.: "Jezebel" Oct-1963 Festival FX-10,699
Rob E.G.: "Adventures In Paradise" Dec-1964 Festival FX-10,869
Rob E.G.: "Rob E.G. Golden Hits - Record 1" Festival FX-10,877 (Triple EP Set)
Rob E.G.: "Rob E.G. Golden Hits - Record 2" Festival FX-10,878 (Triple EP Set)
Rob E.G.: "Rob E.G. Golden Hits - Record 3" Festival FX-10,879 (Triple EP Set)
Rob E.G.: "55 Days At Peking" Dec-1963 Festival FX-10,734
Rob E.G.: "The Great Instrumentals" Jul-1964 Festival FX-10,809
Rob E.G.: "When You're Not Near" Festival FX-10,958
Rob E.G.: "Hawaii Tattoo" Festival FX-10,995

Warren Carr: "Lil' Ole Mr. Sunshine" Leedon LX-10,410
Warren Carr: "Warren Carr Plays Johnny O'Keefe" Leedon LX-10,426
Warren Carr: "Warren Carr Plays Rondo" Leedon LX-10,499
Warren Carr: "Toy Piano" Leedon LX-10,712
Warren Carr: "12 All Time Favourites" Leedon LX-10,919

Noeleen Batley "Big Four" Festival FX-10,361
Noeleen Batley: "Hi Lili Hi Lo" Festival FX-10,416
Noeleen Batley: "Noeleen Sings For You" Festival FX-10,501
Noeleen Batley: "Ten Lonely Weekends" Festival FX-10,707
Noeleen Batley: "Forgive Me" May-1964 Festival FX-10,799
Noeleen Batley: "Little Treasure From Japan" Feb-1965 Festival FX-10,934
Noeleen Batley: "Noeleen Batley Starring In The Wizard Of Oz" Festival FX-10,964

Dig Richards: "Raincoat In The River" Nov-1962 Festival FX-10,605
Dig Richards: "The Love Express" Festival FX-10,711

DeKroo Brothers: "Scarlet" Festival FX-10,740
DeKroo Brothers: "Foggy Mountain Top" Festival FX-10,792

Jimmy Hannan: "Jimmy Hannan Sings" Jun-1963 Reg Grundy RGX-10,694
Jimmy Hannan: "Beach Ball And Hokey Pokey Stomp" Jul-1964 Reg Grundy RGX-10,829
Jimmy Hannan: "It's A Cotton Candy World And Come Out Dancin'" Reg Grundy RGX-10,992

Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs: "Poison Ivy" 1964 Linda Lee HX-10,834
Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs: "Rock, Rock, Rock - Record 1" Dec-1964 Linda Lee XX-10,886 (Triple EP Set)
Billy Thorpe's Aztecs: Linda Lee FX-10,961

Eric Jupp and his Orchestra: "Frenesi" Festival FX-10,998
Eric Jupp and his Orchestra: "Poinciana" Festival FX-10,999

John Laws: A Lover's Question (Festival FX-10,080)
Booka Hyland: Booka At The Police Boy's Club (Leedon LX-10,120)
Horrie Dargieand his Quintet: A Date With Dargie (Festival FX-10,144)
Tony Brady: "Big Things Are Happening" Leedon LX-10,437
Gary Shearston: "The Man From Snowy River" Leedon LX-10,685
Nev Nicholls: Country Round Up (Festival FX-10,261) (reissue of FX-5175)
Peter Posa: "Should I" Jan-1962 Festival FX-10,344
Patty Markham: "Blue Star" Festival FX-10,360
The Bee Gees: "The Bee Gees" Jan-1964 Leedon LX-10,747
Brian and The Juniors: "Brian And The Juniors" Nov-1963 Festival FX-10,765
The Rajahs: "Kiss Me Now" Aug-1964 Leedon LX-10,830
Johnny Noble: "Lonely City" Mar-1965 Linda Lee HX-10,949
The Fabulous Blue Jays: "Pathfinder And Jaywalker" Mar-1965 Sunshine QX-10,974
Tony Worsley and The Blue Jays: "I Sure Know A Lot About Love" Mar-1965 Sunshine QX-10,990
Jay 'N' Jay: "Da Doo Ron Ron" Leedon LX-10,993


Gees Deutros..you've barely made a dent in this amazing list Pick your game up will ya

Seriously though, you're doing an outstanding job with the new site covering an area not usually catered for by many blogs or sites like ours, no matter what country. And seing a list like this, just from one label, makes one realize the huge task ahead of you In fact I noticed several Festival label EP's not included here already ie Ronnie Burns releases, Normie's, Purple Hearts & Noeleen Batley's Xmas EP, all of which are on ya blog

And that doesn't include the EP Discography's of other majors like EMI, RCA, CBS, Phonogram/Polygram & to a lesser extent Warner Music. Add the larger independents like Fable, Bootleg, Image etc & really it's a daunting task, especially when virtually none of them charted & discographies including these 4 track releases are either incomplete or just plain scarce

Anyway, onward & upward my friend, I've grabbed every one I didn't have, which is 90% of what you've posted so far so thanks again for all those. BTW Did u get my note re the Buffalo EP??

Cheers Deutros




cant find an email address for you anywhere so the forum will have to do, i have some label scans for your blog Little Aussie albums, Moonshine String and jug band ep





Yes Mick I've fixed the Buffalo link strange that the megaupload one failed it's usually the last one standing and thanks for the scans Woody.


Just posted Hush - Get Hushed on the EP blog.


Hi Deutros

i have attached a link to The Groove - Soothe Me. The front and back cover also the record scans.let me know if need the music.





Thank you very much Rhod a good one for the blog and have the music thanks for asking. Been quite a while since anyone has responded thanks for taking the time.