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If you want to upload an album or songs to this section of the site, please ensure that it's not already on a physically available CD or one that's slated for future release on CD. By that we mean the actual Disc with artwork and packaging which you can physically hold in your hands.

To check on that availability, most often but not always on independent labels, the best sources  are reputable music traders like JB Hi Fi, Sydney's Red Eye Records & Timewarp's mail order division and for major label releases only, Sanity. Also check an artist's or a record label's online website ie Aztec Music, Raven or Canetoad Records. If you're still unsure then please ASK as someone is sure to know.

The minimum bitrate to upload at is 256kbps but must be 320 if ripping the music yourself.  Lower bit rates may only be accepted if there truly is no other option ie you are a 2nd or 3rd party . Many would disagree, but it's sometimes better to have something of extreme rarity in poor quality than not at all. But again ask if someone has a better rip before uploading your inferior one.

Artwork is highly desired but not a pre-requisite when uploading as someone in the group may be able to provide it later if you can't e.g. you have no scanner. However in all cases when posting an album in the discussion forum, please let us know if the CD art is included or not. If it is then is it

(a) the full artwork CD ready ie front & back cover scans, any gatefold inserts and tray insert. For best results we recommend scanning all 4 corners of L.P. covers before stitching so all information on the cover is available.
(b) just front & back only with no tray insert
(c) or just front cover scan only. The latter is to be discouraged completely unless you intend providing the back scan later. In which case wait till then & upload both.

ALWAYS: If providing art, please also list it as A SEPARATE LINK even if it is included with the main music file. This is so that others who only need the art don't have to download 80-100 mg of music they already own to get it.

Lastly, we appreciate that some here do have difficulty in stitching the scans together, so it is initially acceptable to upload unstitched scans. Someone may help & do the job for you, uploading these at a later stage. However it is strongly suggested that you keep practicing your own skills .

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Various Artists - Duets A Family Celebration

Hi Guys,

"Popular Australian artists perform their favourite Disney songs with their children, parents or siblings."

Not quite a Xmas collection but very much a family collection.

This CD was released in 1999 by Disney Records in conjunction with the Seven Network and Festival.

1. Monica Trapaga & Lily/I Want To Be Like You
2. Joe Camilleri with Nat, Harlan & Belle/Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
3. Martin Plaza & Rosemary/When You Wish Upon A Star
4. Vika, Linda & Siniva Bull/The Bare Necessities
5. Red Symons with Elly, Samuel & Raphael/Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf
6. Monica Trapaga & Lily/I'm Wishing One Song
7. Tommy Emmanuel & Amanda/Pooh Bear Medley
8. Debra Byrne & Arja/Baby Mine
9. Vika, Linda & Siniva Bull/On The Front Porch
10. Grace Knight & Jacky/A Whole New World
11. Debra Byrne & Lauren/You've Got A Friend In Me
12. Red Symons with Samuel & Raphael/Heigh Ho

Link http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?z8c27w2wwvald9w

Ripped @ 320 kps and scans in jpg included 77Mb

Hoping everyone in Midozland has a merry Xmas and a happy New Year