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Easybeats unearthed doco at Astor Theatre, Mon.27 May

As part of the St.Kilda Film Festival, the Astor Theatre is showing, on Monday night, the sadly not totally intact Easybeats documentary, 'Easy Come, Easy Go'. Book at www.stkildafilmfestival.com.au/2013-s2/page-200/easy-come-easy-go

From the Film Festival website:
"Director Peter Clifton shot his Easybeats documentary in 1967, but the negative and the print vanished during post-production and the project was forgotten…until recently. Clifton has restored the film to a 35-minute version which will have its Victorian premiere screening at the St Kilda Film Festival.

See the band perform their international hit ‘Friday On My Mind’, flee teenyboppers down Carnaby Street, visit the pirate broadcaster Radio Caroline and enjoy a footy match with the Small Faces and much more! If you’re a fan of Vanda and Young or Little Stevie Wright, this is surely must-see viewing, with a soundtrack of hits and rarities pounding out through the Astor sound system.

The new version has been restored with the assistance of the National Film and Sound Archive. Director Peter Clifton will introduce the screening."

Accompanying this feature will be the fabled 'Approximately Panther': "…a unique document of the burgeoning Melbourne music scene as it existed nearly half a century ago. Shot by Peter Lamb and Garry Wapshott, the film features rare footage of bands and venues; a fascinating time capsule into a vanished era of once-groovy fashion and trendy discotheques.

Follow Doug Panther, ace hipster and go-set journalist through Swingin' Melbourne circa 1967. The cast of characters includes singer Lynne Randell, model Jennie Ham, the skivvie-clad 3AK Good Guy disc jockey Lionel Yorke and pop sensation Normie Rowe, mobbed by adoring fans at Essendon Airport. We also catch a glimpse of Melbourne's favourite cult group The Loved Ones."

But wait, there's more! 'Meldrum', a pre-Countdown 1971 pilot, 'Fun Radio', Nigel Buesst's mini-doco on 3UZ, focussing on the late grate Don Lunn, and a rare 1967 music video of the Loved Ones' 'Sad Dark Eyes'.

See you there. Hoping to sell a couple of copies of my book to 60s Oz music enthusiasts (sales now not far off the fourth $1000 Support Act donation!)

Re: Easybeats unearthed doco at Astor Theatre, Mon.27 May

Oh how I wish I were in Melbourne this weekend. There is no chance of seeing this in London.

Enjoy, those of you who can. Should be a great session.


Re: Easybeats unearthed doco at Astor Theatre, Mon.27 May

Hope for the DVD Gareth. I'm sure they'll do it.

Re: Easybeats unearthed doco at Astor Theatre, Mon.27 May

Fingers crossed for an all regions release. I think the SBS doc was limited to the Asia Pacific region, so I never got a copy.

Here's hoping for a more enlightened choice this time.


Re: Easybeats unearthed doco at Astor Theatre, Mon.27 May

As I am in Qld, I can't make this. But like others, I hope the Easybeats thing makes it to TV or DVD.

As for the Panther doc, I remember that from Rage and it is on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjKmjLKxxKs

There is also a minute and a half excerpt from Easy Come Easy Go on youtube with the Easybeats doing a version of Loch Lomond! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsGFeBQPNXU

Hope this helps those not in Melbourne.

Re: Easybeats unearthed doco at Astor Theatre, Mon.27 May

Can you please tell me is any list of live studio/studio performances and promo films in 'Meldrum', a pre-Countdown 1971 pilot?

Re: Easybeats unearthed doco at Astor Theatre, Mon.27 May

So how was the film? Anyone up for doing a review?

Love to know what it's like.


Re: Easybeats unearthed doco at Astor Theatre, Mon.27 May

Sorry Gareth, and others. It was a, let's use an appropriate era-themed adjective, 'fab' night. As ageing frames settled themselves into the plush seats of the Astor Theatre, the programme was introduced by Festival director (and host of RRR's 'Film Buff's Forecast') Paul Harris and, John Tait, author of 'Vanda & Young' (and co-ordinator of the John Bois 'Dingoes Lament' book.

First up was acclaimed director Nigel Buesst's extraordinary visual helter-skelter ride through early 1960s Melbourne to the cacocophonous soundtrack of Don Lunn's hysterical interjections along with 3UZ jingles, sound effects, announcements and even boxing commentary. The Beach Boys at Essendon airport…shining brand new EH Holdens (oh where are they all now?)…pre-anorexic bikini girls at the beach…and a pre-public liability radio promotion in which contestants had to chase a VW along a busy street until it ran out of petrol (first to grab the keys won the car)!

Then 'Approximately Panther' which, despite the pronounced pretentiousness of its host, still managed to reveal, amongst insights into 'youth culture' including fashion, drag racing, and 'Good Guy' radio station 3AK, evocative images of such as Bobby and Laurie, Lyn Randell, Normie Rowe and the Thumpin' Tum. My favourite moments were live footage of Running Jumping Standing Still at the Tum, and (no footage), soundtrack by the 18th.Century Quartet.

'Meldrum' was a pitch to TV company execs for a new post-Kommotion, pre-Countdown show. No exciting footage here, just Molly staring down the barrel of the lens and explaining non-stop for eight minutes his glorious concept – a television programme that promised to offer everything to the whole of humanity – current affairs, fashion, classical music, art, news…the list went on, and on, and on. 'Countdown' ended up being so much less serious, and so much more fun.

Interspersed were film clips by the Twilights – Cathy didn't come home, but ended up jumping to her death, Axiom (more death), and Loved Ones. Cinematographic quality, if not scriptwriting, acting and costumery, noticeably improved between 1966 and '69.

And then 'Easy Come, Easy Go', filmed in that uncertain period following the success of 'Friday on my mind' when follow-up singles bombed and tensions were setting in to the Easybeats' lineup. Stevie is visibly being excluded from the creative process and the casino scene, while intended as a humorous fantasy, is ironically indicative of how he was filling in his days. Some interesting studio footage with Glyn Johns, and lots of 'Hard Day's Night'-style silliness – including, yes, after their kilted rendition of 'Loch Lomond', even more death (Dick Diamonde gets shot; even death, as in cowboy and Indian films, seemed innocent in those days).

All in all, a carefree, nostalgic trip down memory lane to days of black and white innocence, one which, I'm sure all from veteran, but young-at-heart promoters Garry Spry, Brian de Courcy (wearing with flair the suit and tie that he bought 50 years ago!) and Groop/Loved Ones manager Peter MacKennal, down to earnest young beat music enthusiasts thoroughly enjoyed.

And I sold nine more copies of my book which, in conjunction with John Tait's kindly included proceeds on the night of his book, take me to my third $1000 Support Act donation.

Release of 'Easy Come, Easy Go' on DVD appears to rest in the hands of Alberts who retain a vise-like grip on everything Easybeats, so we can only hope. But plaudits to the National Film & Sound Archive who have preserved most of the night's footage for future generations who will wonder just how it was back in their great-grandparents' day.

Re: Easybeats unearthed doco at Astor Theatre, Mon.27 May

Thanks for this, David. Sounds like a great night. Wish I'd been there. And great news on your third tranche of money for the charity.


Re: Easybeats unearthed doco at Astor Theatre, Mon.27 May

Any news on whether this will be released on DVD?

Re: Easybeats unearthed doco at Astor Theatre, Mon.27 May


Awesome review mate - well done! Sorry I missed this back in June last year - not sure how.

Bringing back all of those memories (and some new insights) from the past was magic and it was very kind of you to share them with us.