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Moonlight-The band.

I'm wondering if anyone out there might have enough material by the Brisbane band Moonlight to compile a hits comp.They were from late 70's,early 80's and were on the Warners label,from memory.Seems their legacy has been lost in the annals of time,which is a pity!!

Re: Moonlight-The band.


Don't know anything about the band but i have these tracks for you.

01 Moonlight - Moonlight Lady.mp3
02 Moonlight - Take Me To The Country_Turkey In The Straw.mp3
03 Moonlight - The Light.mp3
04 Moonlight - Am I Really Here.mp3
05 Moonlight - Heartbreak Kid.mp3
06 Moonlight - Jam On The Brakes.mp3





Re: Moonlight-The band.

WoodyNet's post covers them. The singles were:
Moonlight Lady [Jones-Moonlight]/ Take Me to the Country [Geoghegan] + Turkey in the Straw [trad.] (Warner 100056)
The Light [Jones-Geoghegan]/ Am I Really Here? (Warner 100062)
Heartbreak Kid [Gary Benson]/Jam on the Brakes [Geoghegan-Jones] (Warner 100071)
The 1978 single is on Ebay as I write, starting at six bucks.

Dave supplied this personnel list a few years ago:
Bohl, Mick (Guitar) 1974-75
Geoghegan, Noel (Keyboards)
Hills, Doug (Bass Guitar)
Jones, Tim (Vocals)
Richards, Dave (Guitar)
Sims, Ross (Bass Guitar)
Telford, Laurie (Drums)

Re: Moonlight-The band.

Thanks WoodyNet, and to Un for the extra info. Another corner of the "wants list" closed down.

Many thanks


Re: Moonlight-The band.

Wanna thank Woodynet for sharing the 3 Moonlight singles.Something tells me that Moonlight released an album,tho'I can't recall the cover,or anything else about it.While I'm in "thankmode",here's to all of the regular contributors to this site who provide some great Oz music of yesteryear for all of us.Seems funny now,that what was once considerd "non-chic'music has such a market for it today.The old adage of cream rising to the top certainly pertains to much of the music on this site.One particular comp.I thought great was posted by Deutros.It had a yellow and white cover.Hope you release a newbie real soon,Deutros.


Re: Moonlight-The band.

A little bit of bio written up by Lawrie Telford (drummer)...

"Moonlight formed in April 1974 with Tim Jones(vocals), Noel Geoghegan (keys), Doug Hills (Bass) and Lawrie Telford (Drums). A number of guitarists joined the band during the first year: Mick Bohle, Ken Francis, Bill De Voss and Jon Purdie until Dave Richards joined in 1975. May 1975 – 3rd place in 4IP Qld Rock Festival (Voted by Brian Cadd as the “best group musically”). July 1975 – Qld pop awards - band won awards in 3 categories. March 1976 – 1st place in 4IP Qld Rock Festival. July 1976 – Qld pop awards - band won “Pop Group of the year” and “Queenslands most popular rock group”. 1977 - Signed 3 year record contract with WEA Records on the Warner Brothers label. Signed contract with manager John Sinclair (original Sherbert manager) with plans of touring Canada. A number of bass players joined the band from 1977: Ross Sims (ex Buffalo), Doug Nethercoate (ex Sebastian Hardie) and John Strangio (ex Stars). 1978 – Chosen to play on proposed 15 day Rock Cruise to Auckland and Noumea with Dragon, Skyhooks, Scandal and Renee Geyer. Moonlight in it’s current form disbanded in 1978. Moonlight supported many International and Australian acts. A few memorable ones were: Deep Purple at the Milton Tennis Courts 1975? Jeff Beck at Festival Hall 1976? Little Feet at Festival Hall 1976 Melanie at the Sydney Opera House 1977 John Paul Young Eastern Australia “On The Road” 4 week tour in 1977 Billy Thorpe Sydney & country NSW tour 1978 Leo Sayer National Tour 20 concerts 1978 23/4/78 – 14/5/78 Appeared on: Countdown 1977 Moonlight singles that charted “Moonlight Lady” – Recorded in Brisbane by Laurie Stone and Ric Formosa (from Little River Band) and re-mixed by Jackie Orczarksky at Trafalgar Studio in Sydney 12 weeks in charts – top 10. “The Light” – Recorded at Trafalgar Studio in Sydney and went to 27 in National Charts. “You Better Run” – Recorded at Alberts Studios in Sydney."

No mention of an album tho John.

Interesting reference to "You Better Run" . "Heartbreak Kid" was recorded at Alberts Studios in Sydney 1978, so perhaps it's a typo: unless there's another track out there somewhere?? Although I can't find any other references to "You Better Run" as a single by Moonlight.

A shame there's not a YouTube clip posted of the 1977 Countdown appearance.

Re: Moonlight-The band.

A very interesting thread and read, thanks for starting it John, and to others for the interesting info added!

According to my trusty "Brisbane Bands 1970-79" booklet, compiled by Chris Spencer, there is no mention in the Moonlight discography of an album, nor is there any mention of the single "You Better Run", only the three singles already listed in the threads above.

From what I can tell from the label art though, it was actually "Jam on the Brakes" that was recorded at Albert Studios, while "Heartbreak Kid" was recorded at United Sound Studios in Sydney.

I understand that Noel Geoghegan had previously been with the Brisbane band Shepherd, which scored a 1972 Brisbane top 20 hit with "Birmingham Station / Whispering Pines".

If Moonlight supported Deep Purple at Milton Tennis Courts in Nov 1975, then I can say that I've seen them play live, though sadly all I recall was the main act!!


Re: Moonlight-The band.

I knew Noel Geoghegan for a number of years as an early childhood educator, and when I connected the dots about his other "career", we spoke many times about Moonlight. His fondest memories were playing with Deep Purple at Milton Tennis Courts in 1975 or 1976 (I'm not sure of the date?) and the Leo Sayer Tour in 1978. He played me demo recordings of Moonlight tracks recorded at Multi-Media Studios in Brisbane in 1976 including an early workout of Moonlight Lady. voc: Tim Jones, keys: Noel, guit: Dave Richards, bass: Doug Hills, drums: Laurie Telford.

He also played a tape of the Moonlight set at the Deep Purple concert, tracks: Ma Ma Belle/Free Ride/Moonlight Lady/Disciple/Celebration. He also played the set from the Leo Sayer Tour from the Apollo Stadium, Adelaide (15/5/78): Have A Good Time/Dr. Tar and Professor Feather/Jam On The Brakes/Love Letters/You Better Run/The Light. He thinks it was pro. recorded by a local FM radio station?

He gave me a cassette tape copy of what was to be the last Moonlight single "Watchin' T.V.", which was canned.

He fondly remembers supporting KISS (he has a great photo of Moonlight shot from behind with a huge crowd at the MCG), and turning up at Warners on the first day of the contract with another new band - Cold Chisel!

Unfortunately, I've lost contact with him.

BTW: Shout out to the great posts and rare tracks going up lately. Good to see OzMusic is still loved! Thanks Midoztouch!

Re: Moonlight-The band.

From what I can tell from the label art though, it was actually "Jam on the Brakes" that was recorded at Albert Studios, while "Heartbreak Kid" was recorded at United Sound Studios in Sydney.

Quite correct Badger. My mistake; sorry. Don't know why I was only looking at the artwork for the b-side

I'm curious to know what the story is with "You Better Run". At first I thought maybe a simple mistake (or memory lapse), but the rest of the bio is so rich in detail it's hard to believe he's erred with the title of the bands third and final single.

I'll see if it's possible to contact Lawrie Telford via the website where the band bio was posted. I'll pass on any info I can garner.

Re: Moonlight-The band.

Reply received from Lawrie Telford ...

You're absolutely correct; the third and final single was "Heartbreak Kid" b/w "Jam On The Brakes". "You Better Run" was recorded at Alberts, Sydney before "Heartbreak Kid" with the intention of releasing it as a single but was never released (my apologies for the error - my only excuse (which I tend to use more and more frequently) is the aging process).

It's heartening to see that some people remember Moonlight. The Midoztouch Discussion Forum is excellent and great for music - if I can answer any more questions please don't hesitate to ask.

I met with Tim Jones in England last year and discussed the possibility of creating an album from current recordings and looking at how we could record some new material (he sang a few of the songs he's written lately - it was an emotional listening). This project would have to be done remotely between England, Vietnam (Noel), Sydney (David), Doug and myself (Brisbane). It may never eventuate but I don't believe it's not possible - the technology is available.

Kind regards,

Re: Moonlight-The band.

Many thanks for taking the time to follow up with Lawrie, detour, and for sharing his reply. Yet one more Brisbane act from my youth rediscovered!

And an interesting response it is from the man too, I hope they somehow find the time and will to work together again!


Re: Moonlight-The band.

If you want to contact Noel try his brother Paul who works at Perth Mint 089 4217289 He now lives in Vietnam

Re: Moonlight-The band.

Thanks to WoodyNet for the music and to everyone else for the background information.

Some very varied music here, but the last track "Jam On The Brakes" sounds alot like the Stars and 'Mick Peeling' vocals.

Nice share indeed

Re: Moonlight-The band.

Thanks Woody looks like I forgot to thank you first time round.

Re: Moonlight-The band.

Thanks Woodynet

Some good tracks on this share. The heartbreak kid moves along nicely