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If you want to upload an album or songs to this section of the site, please ensure that it's not already on a physically available CD or one that's slated for future release on CD. By that we mean the actual Disc with artwork and packaging which you can physically hold in your hands.

To check on that availability, most often but not always on independent labels, the best sources  are reputable music traders like JB Hi Fi, Sydney's Red Eye Records & Timewarp's mail order division and for major label releases only, Sanity. Also check an artist's or a record label's online website ie Aztec Music, Raven or Canetoad Records. If you're still unsure then please ASK as someone is sure to know.

The minimum bitrate to upload at is 256kbps but must be 320 if ripping the music yourself.  Lower bit rates may only be accepted if there truly is no other option ie you are a 2nd or 3rd party . Many would disagree, but it's sometimes better to have something of extreme rarity in poor quality than not at all. But again ask if someone has a better rip before uploading your inferior one.

Artwork is highly desired but not a pre-requisite when uploading as someone in the group may be able to provide it later if you can't e.g. you have no scanner. However in all cases when posting an album in the discussion forum, please let us know if the CD art is included or not. If it is then is it

(a) the full artwork CD ready ie front & back cover scans, any gatefold inserts and tray insert. For best results we recommend scanning all 4 corners of L.P. covers before stitching so all information on the cover is available.
(b) just front & back only with no tray insert
(c) or just front cover scan only. The latter is to be discouraged completely unless you intend providing the back scan later. In which case wait till then & upload both.

ALWAYS: If providing art, please also list it as A SEPARATE LINK even if it is included with the main music file. This is so that others who only need the art don't have to download 80-100 mg of music they already own to get it.

Lastly, we appreciate that some here do have difficulty in stitching the scans together, so it is initially acceptable to upload unstitched scans. Someone may help & do the job for you, uploading these at a later stage. However it is strongly suggested that you keep practicing your own skills .

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Re: Daddy Cool "Totally Cool"

I have never heard of this release ! but by looks of the tracklisting it has some pretty rare stuff! Daddy Who? Album:
1-01 Daddy Cool
1-02 Schooldays
1-03 Come Back Again (Single Version)
1-04 At The Rockhouse
1-05 Guided Missile
1-06 Good Rockin' Daddy
1-07 Eagle Rock
1-08 Zoop Bop Gold Cadillac
1-09 Blind Date
1-10 Bom Bom
1-11 Cherry Pie
Sex, Dope, Rock 'N' Roll: Teenage Heaven Album:
1-12 Hi Honey Ho
1-13 Daddy Rocks Off
1-14 Please, Please America (Hear My Plea)
1-15 Sixty Minute Man
1-16 Baby Let Me Bang Your Box
1-17 Teen Love / Drive-In Movie / Love In An F.J.
1-18 Donna Forgive Me
1-19 Make Your Stash
From Daddy Cool Live - The Last Drive-In Movie Show Album:
2-01 That'll Be The Day
2-02 Zoom Zoom Zoom
2-03 Cherry Pie
2-04 Sh-Boom
2-05 Little Darlin'
2-06 Guided Missile
2-07 Duke Of Earl
2-08 Roll With Me Henry
2-09 Momma Don't You Tear My Clothes
2-10 One Night
2-11 Come Back Again
2-12 Flash In My Head
2-13 Teenage Blues
2-14 I'll Never Smile Again
2-15 Boy You're Paranoid
2-16 Shake, Rattle 'N' Roll
2-17 Daddy Cool
D.C. E.P.:
3-01 Flip
3-02 Lollipop
3-03 Jerry's Jump
3-04 Long After Schooldays Are Through
3-05 Three O'Clock Thrill
The "Missing" Masters (Studio Recordings):
3-06 Just As Long As We're Together
3-07 Rock-A-Billy Beatin' Boogie Band
3-08 Rock 'N' Roll Lady
3-09 Cadillacin'
3-10 Don't Ever Leave Me
3-11 Teenage Blues
3-12 Boogie Man
3-13 I Was A Teenage Creature
3-14 All I Wanna Do Is Rocks (Parts 1 & 2)
3-15 I'll Never Smile Again
The "Missing" Masters (Live Recordings):
3-16 Good Golly Miss Molly
3-17 Gee
3-18 Fried Chicken
3-19 Jambalaya
3-20 You Never Can Tell
3-21 Schooldays
New Remixes:
3-22 Eagle Rock Dance Mix

Producer – Ross Wilson (2)

3-23 Daddy Cool Mega Party Mix

Producer – Ross Wilson (2)

I Wouldn't mind a lossless upload of this myself!

Re: Daddy Cool "Totally Cool"

Tracks from the Daddy Who? album and a couple from the DC EP are currently available on the 4Oth Anniversary edition (available quite cheaply on eBay as well as other places) and would be ineligible to post:

1. Daddy Cool
2. School Days (Ring Goes The Bell)
3. Come Back Again
4. At The Rockhouse
5. Guided Missile
6. Good Rockin’ Daddy
7. Eagle Rock
8. Zoop Bop Gold Cadillac
9. Blind Date
10. Bom Bom
11. Cherry Pie
1. Flip
2. Lollipop
3. Just As Long As We’re Together
4. Come Back Again (Single Edit)

Re: Daddy Cool "Totally Cool"

There are a couple of tracks which might be unavailable commercially here, please send an email address.