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Massachusetts to be the First Sanctuary State?

Although this may not be an immediate city issue, however,if passed, it certainly will financially affects us all. If you can believe it, Democrat Rep. Byron Rushing from Boston, just introduced a bill which would make Massachusetts the first sanctuary state in the nation giving illegal immigrants all social benefits as legal citizens. Just to refresh everyone's memory, the state is estimated to spend approx 1.8 billion dollars a year on social services to illegal immigrants. Being a sanctuary state would cost the state billions more and of course this money would come from taxes! This means less money to spend on education, infrastructure repair, and social services to legal residents. There are currently 3 sanctuary cities in MA, Cambridge, Chelsea, and Orleans.

Sanctuary cities, as we know from recent incidents around the country, allow the crminal element of illegal immigrants to hide in these areas, free from capture and imprisonment - with the full cooperation of city officials. If these criminals were legal citizens, they would all be locked up but the mentality of some legislators seems to be that illegal immigrants should have more rights than legal citizens.

If this makes sense to you, then you must live in another universe - or - suffering from what is now called - left-wing, liberal, progressive malaise!

Just out of curiosity - I wonder how Rep. Brodeur and Sen. Lewis would vote on this - given their past votes on similar issues - probably a YES vote from them.These two politicians have proven themselves to being "slaves" to the leadership up at Beacon Hill.