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"Predatory Politician" rattles Dolan's cage

Interestingly enough, it appears as though the letter in the free Melrose paper that refers to Mayor Dolan as a predatory politician has hit a nerve. A supporter of Dolan posted on facebook on the Melrose Community page whining about the letter writer being out of line. Subsequently, all the other "I know Dolan, he is a nice guy and has the best of intentions" crowd has climbed on the bandwagon. Notably, none of those supporters talk about his actions. I think the Mayor is running scared.

Re: "Predatory Politician" rattles Dolan's cage

Yeah, there is quite the sense of panic on that 2nd floor, and lots of really nasty lashing out. Looking pretty desperate and crazy. Getting all the borderline or full-fledge nuts and sycophants to come up out of the woodwork for support.

Saw that Facebook rant and all the eager-beaver suckups of the Melrose Hypocrisy Brigade who had to jump in and defend their poor flailing hero. Naturally not a single one of them has uttered a word about the civil rights of children having been violated, because in truth not a single one of them probably gives a crap about that. One wonders what any of those suckups would feel if they found themselves on the receiving end of the viciousness of their PuppetKing. Would they still be so eager to defend his "honor"?

Re: "Predatory Politician" rattles Dolan's cage

Noticed that RD got a geezer (pro-O signer of the MEF letters, nach) to write a silly piece in Free Press making snide and totally illogical insinuations about CKK's excellent superintendent evaluation. It must've burned RD's butt to have all that factual data contradicting his ridiculous and specious "rationale" for all those Exemplary ratings. The geezer doesn't understand the basic concept of demographics, and why Melrose's poor showings in standardized tests can't logically be explained away by "mandates" or any of the other non-reasons that substitute for reason here.

These letters reveal an increasingly desperate and bottom-dwelling attitude.