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Better Choice for Mayor

I am all in for a write-in mayoral campaign, but my choice will be Don Conn who I will also be supporting as Alderman-at Large. I will support Monica for the aldermanic race but feel Don has far more experience in municipal budgets. We need a mature leader who knows our city well. Don makes decisions based on real facts, not letting emotions get in the way. Monica does not deliver her message well and I know she cares about the city but has really only focused on water and sewer issues for the last couple of years. We all know that the w & s system needs work, but I often find she has not done her homework and often times the numbers are flawed. I do not see her as a strong, mature leader. Donn Conn would turn this city around and make us proud of it again. I urge you to check off his name for alderman-at-large and write him in as mayor. Melrose deserves to be run by someone who treats all of our citizens with dignity and respect.

Re: Better Choice for Mayor

DC would have run many times prior but the new charter (crafted by friends of RD with his desires in mind) all but made it impossible for anyone but an otherwise unemployed type to become mayor since the charter requires stepping down from a law firm or whatever other life work a truly qualified candidate would otherwise normally have been engaged in. No one qualified will ever run under this current charter, which is why Melrose is stuck with RD until far more damage gets done.

DC may have the experience but he most certainly does not have the backbone. He has had many opportunities to stand up and do the right thing but instead has backed down and opted for doing nothing. He has not been a leader. MM does have backbone and integrity. She also has the humility and common sense to know what she doesn't know and would therefore seek qualified individuals to fill roles outside her expertise.

Re: Better Choice for Mayor

Don is a great candidate, but he would not accept even if he won by write-in.
Just ask. Your vote would be better spent on someone who would accept.