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Overheard at the Fair. MBMM has the first flight booked out of Boston 11/4 to her house in Florida expecting to lose on Election Day. Her illegal alien slave maids have two weeks off. She's spending her final months as alderman trying to get her loser daughter a job in City Hall for us to support.

Re: MBMM Out?

What a horrible lineup of incumbent candidates, particularly the SC, which is hopeless. From the ones who are so useless that their names aren't even worth mentioning to the truly toxic and moronic. Yes there are a couple of good ones, and we all know who they are.

Oh sure, MaryBeth, "civility" to you just means accepting your simpering definitions and saluting the flag of RD without question. Sure, Gail, let's all just bow at the altar of Rob while you play your trumpet and tell us all How it Is and why we have no right to question anything. Sure, John, you make sure to shut down yet another sensible order of your colleague Monica, and infer that her ideas are dumb and that you are somehow the sage we should all be glad to follow like obedient and grateful lemmings (even if we don't get our family health insurance on the backs of taxpayers like you do, despite your actually sleeping during meetings!). Frank, you might try showing up a little more often, not that you contribute anything except a lot of self-righteous BS. Sure Peter, you just keep bouncing up with your foppish zealotry and Big Boy Pretend Parliamentary Procedures; you just keep telling us all to "shower at the Y" like you do, to save on water bills. Margaret, you just keep grimacing with that fake smile and pounding away at that gavel whenever you can get your hands on it, and make sure to keep taking those meds that allow you to hear your Angels so clearly (is it Comcast or Sprint that gives you such a clear connection?). We know that you have trouble controlling your dangerous impulses, just like that snarling ADHD fool you sit next to who keeps aiming both pointer fingers up his nose as he connives and tries to convince us of his preeminent superiority. Jess, just keep looking sideways for approval with every word you utter because your Mother Superior Cyndy sometimes thinks you are Her Girl (but not if you keep asking those awkward questions). Chris, you might want to rethink bragging about all the superintendents you've hired and evaluated because it really should be quite embarrassing if you deduce what that actually means. Gawd!

Re: MBMM Out?

She HAS to go!

Just don't understand those who are not being challenged. PM unchallenged? Really? It just doesn't make sense.