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Disbarred Attorney is Running Again

Once a thief always a thief. Since we have so many new readers of this board (google analytics is a useful tool allowing me to see the increase in IP addresses of unique viewers of this site which has increase 26 percent in less than 4 days) I feel compelled to give a little background about our new school committee candidate Ed O’Connell.

Disbarred former attorney Edward J. O’Connell was sentenced to 15 months in a house of correction on March 14, 2006, after he pleaded guilty in Suffolk Superior Court to nine counts of larceny over $250 and two counts of fraudulent appropriation of corporate funds by an officer. The grand total was around 1.5 million. Just about 600 thousand was stolen from an elderly community group that placed their trust in him as their treasurer. This I know because the Cambridge based nonprofit was headed by Mark Jaquith and his wife, Heather Hoffman, a fellow attorney and my friends.

As part of his probation, he was ordered to repay only $37,000 dollars at $100 dollars a month.

Sad to say, this is the best that Melrose can do. He’s Dolan’s boy to be sure but Margaret Driscoll has to go. So I’ll be holding my nose and voting for Ed.

Re: Disbarred Attorney is Running Again

I feel your pain, Patricia.

Re: Disbarred Attorney is Running Again

Looks the Mayor has already bought Mr.. McConnell's allegiance in advance of the election by providing new sidewalks and curbing in front of his address on Cleveland Street. Curbing and Sidewalks or free health insurance, whatever gets the job done and all on the taxpayer dime..