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Phony Baloney

Melrose Weekly News....Tramontozzi's law firm gives the MEF a $1k wonderful...!

JT is a phony and a thug to pose with his law partner and the MEF visionaries! If he has the money to give the MEF, why is he ripping off the rest of us who pay his family's health insurance with our tax dollars? Sickening! No wonder trust in political leaders is at an all time low both nationally and locally....throw the bum out!

Re: Phony Baloney

Get rid of the incumbents, except Monica Medeiros (huge appreciative YES to her)!

For BOA:

YES to Monica (!)

Yes to J.D. LaRock (!)

Yes to DConn

Yes to Askenazy (running against FWright)

Yes to Anthony Ferra (running against Infurna)

Yes to Musto (running against GIC-taking MEF lackey JT)

Monica Medeiros = Write-in for Mayor

SC is a total disgrace of a ballot but Yes to all except MD! She has to go!

Blanks (or Oscar the Grouch) for the rest of the unchallenged and mostly awful/useless incumbents)

NO to override (!!!!)[:|]

Re: Phony Baloney

Simply Amazing! I noticed many license plates with vote yes for the override stickers, but the irony is that the vehicles are registered in other states! Anyone know who resides on First Street with the Pennsylvania plates, or the Virginia pates at Oak Grove Village, or the Florida plates occassionally at Star Bucks? Pherhaps if they registered their vehicles in Massachusetts and paid excise tax we would not need an override![Monkey]