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City Water Paid by Residents

Free Press front page article today explains how the DPW Head and City Auditor, PDR "fixed the books" and rolled water municipal building costs into residential bills....send them to jail for theft.....VOTED NO on the Override.... Gut said not to trust the $ manipulations.... The BOA has shown shameful malpractice of budgetary oversight in regards to water and sewer rates in particular and DPW in general....except for MM....

Re: City Water Paid by Residents

Yup. That's how they increase the balances in the enterprise funds. What people haven't figured out yet is that we (taxpayers)are actually paying for those city building charges twice: once in the tax levy, and then again by them rolling it into the usage number of property owners. And it's "mystery" money - there's no record of it that ever sees the light of day.

Anything, and I mean ANYTHING anyone in this disgusting administration says about money just can't be believed. Case in point: an override proposal for 2.5 mil per year (compounded forever), followed closely by the exposure of an actual 3.4 mil surplus in free cash. Gee, what a surprise!

Spend some time searching for material about what that slug PDR did in Plymouth. And did you happen to see his reaction when MM called him on the "erroneous" information he provided to her? His reaction reminded me of what happens when someone gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar. And the rest of that insipid collection of cowards on the B of A just squirmed in their seats, rather than immediately censuring him, as they should have. He should absolutely be fired, but that will NEVER happen as long as the Doughboy sits in the big office.

Re: City Water Paid by Residents

Let's give credit for good investigative reporting by the Free Press. Nothing like "the power of the press."

Re: City Water Paid by Residents

"The Department of Revenue’s manual on enterprise funds offers something of an explanation, noting that it is not appropriate for one municipal department to charge another department for goods and services – and that, because enterprise funds are city-run, those funds should be subject to the same guidelines.

However, the manual notes, 'it is appropriate for those services to be taken into account in the budget process.'”

The second poster is correct - we are paying for it twice. Once by having them add the City usage into the ratepayers bills, and again - and this is the typical Dolan/DelloRusso scheme - but NOT making an appropriate reduction in the tax levy to adhere to Prop 2 1/2, thereby exceeding the 2 1/2 limits, which is illegal.

Re: City Water Paid by Residents

What can be done about it?

Re: City Water Paid by Residents

I would say a complaint to the Department of Revenue or the Attorney General's office.

Or the City Solicitor Robert Van Campen. After all, he is the City's liaison to the Mass Ethics Commission. [:)s]

Re: City Water Paid by Residents

Talk about a misnomer - "The Mass Ethics Commission"! When was the last time you saw any ethics from our elected officials?