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Conn Nails It in Inaugural Speech Don Conn speech @ 37:36
January 11, 2016
Melrose Inaugural

He vows to return to a "unitary water and sewer rate system"! Let's hold him to "having the fortitude" to accomplishing this. "We need to accept responsibility...."
He says "we have many pressing problems...we [and] city government needs to do a better job of being welcoming to citizens coming forward to talk about issues, to either the Board of Aldermen or School Committee meetings" and "having thoughtful discourse and discussion in the community...discuss issues in an open and honest way and make things as inclusive as possible...only by a thoughtful discussion of the issues involving all sides will are we going to continue moving forward and be the great community [we were and should be]"

By contrast the SC chair and mayor sounded like the phony individuals they have become, totally corrupted by their sense of power, without class or concern about the harm they have already caused and obviously will continue to cause. Their speeches were pretentious and bloated with self-importance, all spin and zero attention to a balanced and truthful reflection. The mayor wants us to believe we have a fiscal crisis despite the shameful revelations of millions in surplus "free cash," with dire predictions about the challenges he is obviously trumping up in order to further manipulate the public. Meanwhile the SC chair wants us to believe with her gushing pronouncements that the district is golden with glowing news of excellence, overlooking the grotesque reality that the entire Greater Boston community is reading about when it comes to the state of the Melrose Public Schools and its gross violations of basic federal and local laws, not to mention poor academics and a continuing exodus of the most qualified staff (and misery of those remaining).

Thankfully there was a marvelous 3rd grader from Hoover to play piano beautifully and give a few moments of respite from the wretchedness of the fakery and pomp. Thanks to this brilliant young man and to Don Conn for renewing a bit of faith in an otherwise very bleak scenario.

Re: Conn Nails It in Inaugural Speech

Sounds like your leader has finally stepped up. Where and When is the first COALITION to change Melrose meeting... Priceless

Re: Conn Nails It in Inaugural Speech

The complete OCR Findings document will soon be available presumably to the greater Boston media. Only the Resolution Agreement is available so far apparently. The Weekly News bungled its reporting and claimed that the Findings had been released. Very sloppy "reporting" by Weekly News! By contrast, thank you, Mr. Leibowitz of the Free Press for thoroughly professional and excellent coverage of this "elephant in the room" that most of our elected officials have chosen deliberately to ignore, even while the community wakes up to the gravity and enormity of it all.

Every local tv news station had stories covering the shameful "Kick a Ginger Day" at the middle school. The findings of egregious violations in Melrose administration by OCR have now made it to national media coverage, with much more to come no doubt. And still it has no place on any local agenda, let alone for the kind of serious and open coverage this comprehensive failure of management mandates as the first part of corrective action. Some only want heads to roll, and it would be hard to disagree that this should happen. As the Free Press editorial of this week states, much more in the way of community action and educated awareness is absolutely necessary before Melrose can begin to heal and address its deepening toxic culture (posters like "Pudwid" only prove how sick Melrose has become).

Re: Conn Nails It in Inaugural Speech

And there it is the MM whiners mantra TOXIC. Come on really when is the first COALITION meeting...

Re: Conn Nails It in Inaugural Speech

Another non-denial denial from the shill.

Re: Conn Nails It in Inaugural Speech

And there it is the MM whiners mantra TOXIC. Come on really when is the first COALITION meeting...

Pudwid: The first meeting is in your backyard. First order of business; to remove your white robe with the pointy hood and throw it into the burning cross we found you and your skinhead friends pacing around...

Re: Conn Nails It in Inaugural Speech

"Hope no one's allergic to nuts because there's a big one here…." "2 Corinthians short of a Bible"
What came to mind listening to Margaret's "angels" during her bizarre Inaugural speech or the mayor's bullying speech about our trumped up "severe financial challenges"….

This town is nuts, too, for electing that cast of characters. What will it take before the community cares as much about the real issues as it does about finding someone to wear an Elmo costume at the Saugus McDonalds or wear to get a canvas bag embroidered or where to have Cocktails Conversation & Skin Care or whatever frauds the MEF is trying to sell us or which nail salons or barre classes serve martinis….?

Re: Conn Nails It in Inaugural Speech

And while you handful of malcontents ****** whine and complain the rest of our fellow Melrosians continue on with their lives. Property values keep skyrocketing and buyers are bidding against each other to buy homes here.

I ask again where and when is the COALITION meeting... You must have huge numbers ready to storm city hall by now. Plenty of candidates ready to run for office that can right all these terrible wrongs? What gives?? Show me something??

OK now tell me how Melrose is TOXIC and how everyone who does not agree with you is a racist or a bully. Oh and don't forget the #1 excuse - no one can compete with Mayor Dolans corrupt political machine. Priceless...

Re: Conn Nails It in Inaugural Speech

"malcontents" = favorite derogatory word of DLehman, two-time SC loser candidate

"malcontents" = favorite word of Vuvu

"pud" = abbrev for pudding or male private parts

"wid" = an acronym for "When I Drink"
i. e. a person that doesn't smoke normally, but begins to bum smokes from others a few drinks into the evening.

"pudwid" a cheap local dick with a drinking problem who's too cheap to buy his own cigs and is obsessed with being a chronic apologist for the current administration