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Margolis Summer Camp

Looks like the three kids that signed up for MBMM summer camp at Melrose television had a great time. Great use of the money sponged from our cable bills each month that she negotiates with the rest of the hacks.

Re: Margolis Summer Camp

Is MBMM running for reelection? She is probably worried she will lose to the newbies, if she runs again.

AT LARGE Race will be the Year of the Woman
Monica will again top the ticket. I hope Julie DeLillo decides to run.
Manisha will probably win even though she is a very well known Dolan sycophant.
Kate L-G seems more moderate and willing to question. I plan to vote for her but am worried that she is a fan of Taymore.
Zwirko is a show off ( and bought his wife's job) so he will lose in the year of the woman. He also mismanaged the Charter Review Committee and violated open meeting laws.
Conn will again be President of the BOA.


Who cares who is on the board. Dolan is still the King. No one in Melrose has a chance of beating him. Way more people trying to move in to Melrose than out of Melrose. Life is good.